Friday, August 10, 2018

Guppies barking at Anwar's heels

MM Online - Anwar: ‘Dumb’ to wait for MP’s death for my return to Parliament:

PETALING JAYA, Aug 9 — Pakatan Harapan (PH) de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said today it would absurd for him to wait for the natural death of an MP to trigger a by-election and pave way for his return to the Dewan Rakyat.

“If a by-election is to be held naturally, means I have to wait for an MP to die. This is a dumb opinion that I have heard.

“I don't find it strange for any MPs to offer their seat for me to take over, but we don't pray for someone to die early,” he said told a press conference at the PKR headquarters here.

However, Anwar said he is not in a rush to become an MP, adding that the focus should on the upcoming PKR elections next month

Jailed for 20 years in an alleged (highly suspected) kowtim-risation by Maddy and then Jibby, many in Pakatan ironically have been asking Anwar Ibrahim not to upset the current Maddy-rised apple cart by opting for a PKR forced by-election (one of its MPs resigning to effect that), and to be patient, perhaps fr another 5 years, wakakaka.

Those Pakatan people are mostly young gullible guppies (ironically mostly Chinese) who were not around or born yet when Maddy launched Ops Lalang to incarcerate their elders. Thus being young gullible guppies they are all in love with the new saviour, Maddy, the very man who screwed their elders, parents and relatives under His Fourth Reich (1981 - 2003).

Those sad 'gullibles' are worried of Anwar becoming a MP and then taking over from their new hero (our old arch-foe). There's even unscrupulous kotor revival of prurient stories of sodomy, gomorrah-y and punde (apologies to my Tamil friends), all obviously retold to cast aspersion on poor Anwar, such have been the fears of the guppies on the possibility of Anwar replacing beloved Maddy.

As far as those gullible guppies are concerned, they hope, pray and wish that Anwar Ibrahim will disappear into thin air, die or be cast into prison again.

Their silly sorry sad political infatuation with Maddy knows no bounds, so much so that they have even defended his BTN remaining on - doesn't that just make most older Pakatan people vomit at those (mainly Chinese) guppies' stupidity, to defend the existence of an ultra racist BTN which was created by Maddy to demon-ise 'nons' in the eyes of Malays.

Of course some of the more cunning anti-Anwar-pro-Maddy guppies suggest Anwar Ibrahim waits for a "natural" by-election, meaning to wait for a MP to die first.

And with their moronic bias, no doubt they want that 'dead' MP to be, say, from Kubang Kerian where the current incumbent Tuan Ibrahim Tuna Man won with a majority of nearly 20,000 votes, or Marang where dear Pak Haji Hadi Awang had won with a majority of 22,000 votes, wakakaka.

as usual, slutting for political gains 

The gullible guppies remind me of the anwaristas in the early 2000's. Today these fish-heads are equally as fanatical, mindless and totally gullible, ..... but probably worse as they are in the majority young clueless and incredulously idiotic imbecilic Chinese youngsters, wakakaka.

Thus, Anwar said it would be absurd (another appropriate English word would be 'ludicrous') to wait for someone's tragic misfortune in life before he (Anwar) will have a chance in a by-election to be elected as an MP again, in order to ready himself to become Malaysia's 8th PM.

Several PKR MPs are ready to surrender their seats for Anwar. But no doubt I am sure he must be quite hurt to find young people, once his political core constituents, objecting to him taking over from Maddy.

he should finish his uni studies and make way for Anwar in the Batu federal constituency

Yes, times have moved on and the 'anwaristas' of 15 to 20 years ago have now been replaced by cretinous gungho 'gullible guppies', wakakaka.

It's also sad as well when these gullible guppies do not realise how much Anwar has sacrificed for their ideals which they believe they're enjoying now because they erroneously believe they owed to Maddy (who sacrificed fCk-all).

What fCk-ing injustice, but ...

What can one do about a gullible guppy
What can one say about a political cretin
Who on meeting the Devil rejoices happily
Without knowing his soul is being eaten



  1. Wakakaka...."poor Anwar" ? " much Anwar has sacrificed..." ? Are these words actually from Ktemoc FOR Anwar ? HAHAHAHAHA ! OMG.....roflmao

    Guys, never never underestimate the power of DEDAK !

    1. This CBMF used to post an Anti-Anwar article every single day.

      Of course, his paid KPI now goes in a different direction.

    2. He labelled him manmanlai.…

      Wakakakaka… foresight?

    3. JJ.......That cheebye kaytee should have advised Najib to team up Anwar.......but too bad liao

      Now I am waiting for the guillotine on Najib and Rosmah


    Khaled is trying to lay all blame on Najib, make him the “Christ The Redeemer” for all UMNO/BN’s sins. No way Khaled, you are all on trial.

    Kit Siang: Khaled wrong, all BN leaders who aided Najib are on trial
    10 Aug 2018, 5:47 pm

    Lim Kit Siang has disagreed with former Johor menteri besar Mohamed Khaled Nordin's statement that it is Najib Abdul Razak, and not Umno, who is on trial.

    On the contrary, the DAP veteran said all Umno and BN leaders who helped the former premier cover up the 1MDB scandal are on trial.

    “This would include all the ministers in the Najib cabinet, the Umno/BN MPs of the 13th Parliament as well as the leaders of Umno and BN parties,” he added in a statement this afternoon.

  3. It's now very clear why the previous BN government was so intent on implementing GST. They were facing a monumental cash-flow shortfall so the solution was to use the GST collection to finance this short-fall, and especially to delay paying refunds as long as possible. Tens of billions of Ringgit of Returns at any point in time, slushing, to be used at their pleasure.

    It's like a lawyer who uses his client's money deposited with his legal firm to pay salaries and utility bills, staff party and maybe an European holiday, jewelry, handbags, who knows....

    And all UMNO/MCA/MIC/Gerakan etc supporters altogether chimed:

    "Yes Sir Yes Sir Three Bags Full", "Very Good Sir, Carry On Sir"

    Pay Up Your 6% to Tin Milo Tabung Harapan You Suckers !!

    Customs Dept: Only RM63.5b of RM82.9b in GST refunds paid
    Published: Today 5:07 pm

    The Customs Department said there are difficulties in paying back RM19.4 billion in refunds for the goods and services tax.

    Customs director-general T Subromaniam said from April 2015 until end of May 2018, the total amount of refunds was RM82.9 billion.

    However, he said, of that amount, only RM63.5 billion was paid out during that same period.

    "The Customs Department had requested RM82.9 billion from the (government's) monthly trust fund for the purpose of GST refunds from April 1, 2015, to May 31 2018, but the full amount was not transferred (from the government's consolidated accounts) to the trust fund.

    "As such, as of May 31, 2018, the trust fund still needs and is experiencing shortages to pay back RM19.4 billion in GST refund arrears," Subromaniam said in a statement today.

    The monthly trust fund meeting, he said, is chaired by the secretary-general of the Treasury.

    His statement comes two days after Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng claimed that RM18 billion of RM19.4 billion in GST refunds may have been misused by the previous BN government.

    1. And Jibby had the gall to point his thieving finger at the accuser instead...claiming that it was the PH government that's been misusing the RM 18 billion ! Typical of him - thieving liar.

    2. Of course la. Especially when cheebye motherfucker kaytee feeding Najib with hope, anything goes

    3. as I mentioned before, I did NOT fCk your mum so I am not your motherfucker

  4. Did this Mufti just call LGBT people ANIMALS?

    LGBT activism akin to struggle for ‘animal rights’, says Penang mufti
    Friday, 10 Aug 2018

    PETALING JAYA: Penang mufti Datuk Seri Dr Wan Salim Wan Mohd Noor has likened lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activism to fighting for “animal rights”, reports Sinar Harian.

    According to the Malay daily, Dr Wan Salim said those who opposed the recent removal of portraits of LGBT activists at an exhibition in Penang had a “flawed understanding of freedom” in the country.

    “Groups that expressed disappointment with the state government's actions, clearly do not understand the meaning of freedom.

    “What these people are fighting for is actually animal rights because freedom for humans must be bound by religion and culture,” he was quoted as saying on Friday (Aug 10).

    At the same time, he said Islam isn't against artistic freedom, but stressed that creativity mustn't go beyond the bounds of religion and culture.

  5. Aiyoh, why must sacrifice own Generals to be the next anointed Ceasar?

    So many MPs seats from BN, PAS etc going to be vacated once all the corruption charges are filed, charged and disqualified.

    Must have real balls like DAP MPs to stand in opposition seats to become Ceasar, woh.

    You'll even eclipse the stature of current Ceasar and be hailed as truly Ceasar the Magnificient instead of Ceasar the Anointed One.

    Would love to see a real battle in Pekan, Bagan Datoh, Sembrong, Air Hitam, Baling, Ketereh, Titiwangsa etc.

    Failed in one by-election, can go for another one, and another one until Victory is assured. Unlike others who only got 1 chance in 5 years, Ai can try a few times until Victory comes.

    Why AG so slow to start the ball rolling? Not enough DPPs?