Thursday, August 09, 2018


MM Online - Concerned over Azmin’s role in Khazanah? Speak up in presidential council, Anwar tells PKR (extracts):

SHAH ALAM, July 31 ― PKR leaders concerned over the appointment of Datuk Seri Azmin Ali to Khazanah Nasional’s board can raise the issue in the next Pakatan Harapan (PH) presidential council meeting, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said tonight.

Anwar was asked to comment on Azmin’s appointment, which seemingly contradicts PH’s manifesto to not have politicians on the board of government-linked companies (GLCs).

lagi satu janji manifesto Pakatan telah dicapatikan

“I’m following, but I’m not privy to the decision, and I think the prime minister, maybe he wants somebody to be with him ... but the concerns of other party leaders, can be raised through discussions in the presidential council,” Anwar told reporters, when met at the residence of the late Sungai Kandis state assemblyman, Shuhaimi Shafie.

PH will hold its presidential council this Thursday.

Azmin, who is economic affairs minister, was appointed to Khazanah’s board of directors yesterday, along with Tan Sri Mohd Hassan Marican, Dr Sukhdave Singh and Goh Ching Yin

Naturally Mahathir appointed himself as Chairman of Khazanah.

And without even consulting PKR (contrary to his assertion that he does NOT interfere with other party's affairs) plucked Azmin Ali from his MB Selangor position to become the Economics Minister.

Azmin Ali as Economics Minister has "relieved" (wakakaka) Lil' Boy Blue from many important financial-economic portfolios - Dei, did anyone imagine for a moment that Mahathir would ever let a DAP Cinapek run a full-blown Finance Ministry or even be on the board of Khazanah?

He has two correct persons, Azmin his godson in charge of economic-financial affairs, and Guan Eng (previous enemy), kuai-kuai in charge of Tabung Harapan and 'Red Files', wakakaka.


  1. Lim Guan Eng is doing a great job as Chief Financial Officer of Malaysia.

  2. U r just trying to stri-fry a non issue to suit yr scheme of twistings!

    Mamak as Chairman of Khazanah. So what? Ain't there many oversea examples such as in RedDot's two sovereign funds!

    Azmin Ali as Economics Minister has "relieved" (wakakaka) Lil' Boy Blue from many important financial-economic portfolios, so what?

    This is a move that I don't like & yet can't read at the moment!

    But, it does help to release lge to concentrate on digging out ALL the convoluted/hidden dirts of the jibby administration.

    Collecting portfolios, do &/or have nothing to show r just like reading inside the jamban & not shiting - pretentious culture in a conspicuous filthy surrounding. Azmin is been tested for his socio-econ handling skill. Big task but a pitfall too, as in his hsr blunders!

    Meanwhile, by concentrating on righting the financial ills of the nation, lge is been up-stage, intentionally or unintentionally, for a bigger task in the future.

    Mamak indeed is a changed man!

    BTW, as a diehard gst proponent, what say u about this latest jibby's latest get revelation:

    GST - the best/transparent taxation mechanism (hidden) money can buy er???

  3. red dot is managed by dictator, in tis point u r right new msia under mahathir emulate spore.

    1. Labelling is SO easily for yr type of farts.

      Taiwan anything better vis-a-vis the well-being of her people?

      Deadended hutong thinking of zilch consequences!

  4. Really can't blame Ktemoc for seeing a lot of things thru his way of blinkered eyes and Ketuanan Melayus mindset.

    Living under BN Govt. rule for decades where UMNO and PAS culture has indoctrinated everyone and now being bombarded with logic, sensibilities, meritocracy, wisdom is difficult to grasp for everyone more so to those ball carriers of the previous regime.


    1. Hahaha...oh, if only ! Nostra, you are too kind to this blogger, unless this post is made with tongue in cheek, lol.

      We all know how our dear Ktemoc is....why at one time ( gasp !) he even dared to not only allude to, but forthrightly called out Jibby on his wanting to bathe his little kris with Chinese blood. Then there's a sudden change, seemingly overnight. No amount of indoctrination will effect such a sudden overnight change in his ripe adult age. Like his Sifu who just recently spinned that while the Malays fought the Japs in WW2, the Chinese just sat back, this dearie Ktemoc pun sudah tukar wonders why? wakakakkaka