Thursday, August 09, 2018

With Women Minister, 'invisible' women remain invisible

MM Online - In Dr Wan Azizah, Malaysia finds champion for ‘invisible’ women:

The news article headlines make me sick. Wan Azizah is totally useless as a Women Minister. She has failed abysmally to protect an 11 year-old girl from the rapacious clutches of a 41 year-old man.

Her fan has been getting bigger but her contributions as a minister, already minimal, has been getting less and less to almost zero. She's afraid of exercising her ministerial duties and responsibilities towards lil' girls.

Has she looked after her state and federal constituencies? It's little wonder she fails her job as Women Minister. Podah, so-called "Champion for 'invisible' women".

lil' girls remain mute insofar as Women Minister is concerned


  1. Wan Azizah is doing fine as the Women, Family and Community Development Minister.
    The full settlement of the case involves Law Enforcement (AGC and Police) , Religious Authorities (Islamic Marriage Law) . Her Ministry's role is on the welfare of the child.

    At this point in time , the child is living with her parents, and there is no evidence the man is "exercising" any acts on his side.
    If he attempts to do so, the Child Act allows the Minister to act to put her under State protection.
    If a child is with strangers, this is an obvious required action, but legally separating a child from her parents custody is a very serious step, never to be taken lightly.

    If the authorities judgement is that the child is at the moment safe, with her parents, pending more complex legal steps that need to be studied, I don't think NGOs are in a position to pre-judge it.

  2. U r a real teloq-less pen-pusher to relentlessly targeting kak wan for FAILING abysmally to protect an 11 year-old girl from the rapacious clutches of a 41 year-old man!


    U act blind ke?

    WHO r the ones holding the ultimate power in m'sia to decide upon Islamic affairs?

    Bloody crownish cur!!!

    Mat Sabu is a clean, honest guy but this is scary.
    Probably true, but did he have to say it ?

    Weakest military in South East Asia.

    1. Wakakakaka…

      KT will be boiling & blowing his top for this 'stupid' minister of defense in publicly disclosing for-yr-eyes-only national security infos!

      But WHAT r top secret national security Info's when every military intelligences of the world knows m'sia has the weakest military in SEA!

      Aiyoyo… should get kt's unc to be MD.

    2. you're a military ignoramus SO i WON'T CAST ANY MORE PEARLS FOR YOU

    3. Wakakakakaka…

      Lousy loser,


      But definitely volumovolu of farts le!

    4. Am surprised Ktemoc did not come out with an article to lambast the Minister of Defence for considering the plight of a former rebel in the RMAF to show his military credentials.

      Good topic to debate about those serving in the Armed Forces.

      Cast your golden pearls and see where you stand?

  4. Why no sound from the State Muftis, Royalty, Religious institutions, Religious NGOs, religious political parties etc when the Minister of Women Affairs seem tongue tied and all blame seems to be directed at her involving a religious issue besides a child?

    Where is the Hate and fury against them besides just one woman minister?

    What hypocrites and slanted biasness in fighting for the rights of children from Paedophiles.

    Instead, the topic of rights of LBGTs to live, work, free from persecution seems to be a more interesting agenda.

    Where is the Humanity is all of these?

  5. Go West Young Man. The party you espouse UMNO to be already exists, on the other side of the aisle.

    Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin has vowed to lodge reports to the police and MACC against former finance minister Najib Abdul Razak and Finance Ministry officials.

    This is over a claim by present Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng in Parliament that the previous BN administration had "stolen" RM18 billion in GST refunds.

  6. Head hunting was also a traditional practice but that was outlawed long ago with no protest. Child rape must rank just below head hunting don’t you think YB Liew? Come to think of it what about female genital mutilation ?

    Traditional, legal standpoints to be considered in new marriage law
    Published on 9 August 2018

    THE government will look at both traditional and legal standpoints in talks to raise the minimum marriage age for girls from 16 to 18, say law minister Liew Vui Keong today.

    He noted child marriages are included in traditional practices of some cultures in Sabah and Sarawak and that the formulation of a new law on marriage must take them into account.

  7. KT jealous tu. Yg dia dapat ayam yg dah nak pencen.

  8. A law firm keeps a trust (or escrow) account for monies held in trust for clients, eg while performing conveyancing sales and purchase of properties. Under no circumstances should the legal firm transfer money from this trust account to their operational account to pay say their Tenaga bills. Even if they had every intention to transfer the money back when the client needs the money. This is the ethical practice we expect from lawyers and they are bound by these standards. Do we expect less from MoF who handles billions of ringgit if our money? Can they simply slush the money around as they wish?

  9. I DISAGREE !!!

    UMNO now wants to make Najib the scapegoat, the Christ to be sacrificed and crucified on the "Cross" then all UMNO's sins will be forgiven and forgotten.

    Najib is on trial, not Umno - Khaled tells party to move on

    Khaled Nordin is the third Umno leader who has distanced the party from its former president Najib Abdul Razak in the past 24 hours.

    He also backed the former minister Johari Abdul Ghani, who remarked that Najib should not have been allowed to campaign in the run-up to the Sungai Kandis by-election.

    Commenting on those who criticised Johari, he said it mirrored what Umno used to be, and still is, to a certain extent.

    "The feudal values are still dominant in Umno until it has hindered our progress to reform and move for the better. There is no sense of 'shame' in the feudal landscape.

    "People were not held accountable because of the favours he or she gave out when he or she was in power. This narrative must go and be replaced by the real feeling of 'shame' against wrongdoings and injustice," he added in a statement.

    Umno politicians, Khaled said, must be educated to understand the post-modern predicament faced by the Malays and Malaysians in general.

    "But such an endeavour is long, tiring, and taxing. It will be made impossible if Umno still lives in its own labyrinth, reminiscing about the past and allows a man who is under a legal trial to be significantly involved in the party.

    "Yes, we should treat him with honour and respect, but we should move on from what has passed. It is Najib who is on trial, not Umno," he added.

    1. To Johari and Khaled: Bukankah kes 1MDB belum diputuskan sama ada sahih atau tidak? Begitu juga dengan kes banglo LKS? So, apalah salahnya kalau Najib hendak berkempen untuk Lokman Adam, sedangkan LKS boleh memegang jawatan Menteri Kewangan.

    2. UMNO is now split between Bijan Forever loyalists and those who are looking to jettison Bijan because they now realise (finally) that Bijan is a liability.

    3. Wakakakaka……

      "LKS boleh memegang jawatan Menteri Kewangan"

      LOLROTF, rd moron!