Friday, August 10, 2018

Be Patriotic or Be Penalised = Be Ph-arked

NST - Fly the Jalur Gemilang or be fined RM250:

KUANTAN: A RM250 compound will be imposed on business premise owners who come under the Kuantan Municipal Council (MPK) administration, if they fail to fly the Jalur Gemilang and Pahang flag’s between Aug 1 to Sept 16.

MPK Public Relations officer, Izad Zainal Muhammad Safian said the directive to fly Jalur Gemilang and the Pahang flag’s was enshrined in MPK license terms.

He said failure for the business premise to do so would see them subjected to a compound charge of RM250.

He said the move to compound the traders was contained in a circular which was issued last month.

"Therefore, we advise business premise owners to fly the respective flag’s without any defects, including ensuring that they are not torn or faded.

"We hope the circular on the directive is accepted by the traders to liven up the 61st National Day celebration," he said in a statement.

He said the move would also further foster patriotism among Malaysians, especially traders in council area by flying Jalur Gemilang and the Pahang flag.

Especially now, in the 7th Reich of His Imperial Majesty, patriotism must be exhibited kaukau.


  1. Kuantan Municipal Council ?

    Pahang State is run BY BN-UMNO.

    What the Fuck has that got to do with your "His Imperial Majesty" ?

  2. How come u can't recognize THAT as a legacy of the little napoleon indoctrinated by the ketuanan agenda?

    Is this phenomenon only happened NOW, under PH?

    Pariah, u need to improve not only the quantity but also the quality of yr daily quota le!

    Otherwise take masuk kpi lah.

    1. Like Monster said......UMNO run government......Cheebye kaytee should tell that in front of Najib

      Come on Cheebye motherfucker kaytee.....have a strong kukuciao.....even clare comes to should, cheebye kaytee

    2. No worries, masuk kpi...mamak Lokman sees only quantity ! Looks like Ktemoc has left his teaching job and is now full time DEDAK jobbing, wakakaka

    3. firstly, welcome back after your arduous stint with Pauline - BTW have you wash your mouth thoroughly yet? Wakakaka

      secondly, as I mentioned before, I did NOT fCk your mum so I am not your motherfucker, and stop referring to my kukuciao as you definitely did not come from it

  3. In the New Malaysia can we wave the Jalur Gemilang and the Rainbow Jalur? LGBT can be patriotic too no? Will we be fined or jailed?

  4. Got free Malaysian flags, ah? Then, not a problem and no one will complain. That's common Malaysian style during BN era.

    You wonder why there are still people who have a warp sense of what really is Patriotism all about?

    You just can't forced it upon the citizens whether by force or threat. That is not called instilling Patrotism but more like Subjugation or Compelling citizens to follow laws.

    The outcome of citizens being forced to comply will only produce a false sense of Patriotism by sight but not from the heart.