Sunday, August 19, 2018

Pribumi MB Perak shows his ketuanan (ex UMNO) mentality

MM Online - Former Perak MB Nizar says gave freehold titles without problem before:

Nizar Jamaluddin (Amanah)

IPOH, Aug 19 — Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin said he was able to issue freehold titles to villages during his abortive stint as Perak mentri besar in 2008, amid controversy over the state government’s refusal to do so again now.

The state Investment and Corridor Development Committee chairman added that he converted 11 leasehold titles to freehold then, in Kampung Baru Kuala Rui, Gerik.

“However, I can’t comment on the current land title issue in the state. I’m just telling what I did 10 years ago.

“Anything regarding the current land issues has to be referred to Mentri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu,” he said.

Perak MB Ahmad Faizal Azumu

from the minority Pribumi, a party made ketuanan boss of Pakatan Harapan


The former MB added that he gave out the titles after consulting legal experts and said plans had been in place to issue the titles to new, planned as well as Orang Asli villages.
He added that most would have been given to planned villages, with around 112,000 freehold titles and half of which would have gone to Malay residents.

However, Mohammad Nizar said he could not change the land titles for all these villages as Barisan Nasional (BN) took over the state in 2009.

On Monday, when winding up during the state assembly, Ahmad Faizal claimed it was against the Federal Constitution to bestow permanent titles to new villages.

He cited a National Land Council decision in 1988 to double the leasehold period from 30 to 60 years to support this claim.

Another of his excos, constitutional law expert Abdul Aziz Bari, previously disputed this by noting that no such restriction existed in the Federal Constitution.

Aziz Bari (DAP)

Perak Pakatan Harapan pledged to issue the freehold titles as part of its election manifesto

Pakatan pledged to issue freehold titles to villagers who work on land licensed under TOL.

Previous Perak MB Nizar Jamaluddin (Amanah) had done that when he was MB Perak until the state constructional crisis in 2009 when BN seized power in a froggy-ised coup d'etat.

Today Perak is once again under Pakatan, but the new (ex UMNO) MB from the minority Pribumi Party refused to issue those freehold titles, citing flimsy excuses.
Abdul Aziz Bari (DAP), before GE14 was touted to be Perak MB but alas, has since retreated from that supposition due to probably a backroom deal between DAP and Pribumi. He disputed the excuse by the new Pribumi MB noting that no such restriction existed in the Federal Constitution to stop issue of freehold titles.

Abdul Aziz Bari happens to be a constitutional law expert and had once lectured on law in universities.

Who the fCk is Ahmad Faizal Azumu, that Pribumi (ex UMNO) MB who refuses to issue the pledged freehold titles to villagers on some bullshit excuse but which have been shot to smithereens by a constitutional law expert?

He studied Business at Edith Cowan University in Perth - I know of this university. In 2018 it's rated 689 in the World order.

Ahmad Faizal Azumu was a former UMNO member (with the same ketuanan mentality as Pribumi). He started his political career as a Special Officer of the former Minister of Health Liow Tiong Lai.

Now he is in Pribumi and made MB of a state when in GE14, Pribumi has only won 2 out of 59 seats, with the rest by DAP, PKR and  Amanah.

Ahmad Faizal Azumu won the Chenderiang seat from the BN-MCA candidate with a majority of ONLY 39 votes, so he shouldn't act so fCking tough - he is only MB by some backroom dealing amongst Pakatan Harapan with no doubt Mahathir pushing for the lion's share of the spoils of war (on the pretext Malays continue to hold power for Malays in Malaysia).

And Ahmad Faizal Azumu now shows his ketuanan (ex UMNO) mentality by refusing to issue freehold titles to farmers.

same racist mentality
no Indian/Chinese can be members of UMNO or Pribumi

His flimsy excuse has now been disputed by the Amanah and DAP member of the Perak Pakatan state government, one of whom is a former MB of Perak and the other a constitutional law expert.

Who the fCk is this ex-UMNO Pribumi ketuanan MB attempting to deny villagers of freehold titles to the land they have been working on for ages?

How dare he wants to capati-kan a Pakatan pledge?

But the most disappointing issue is that the so-called "New Malaysia" is still the old Malaysia with UMNO mentality existing in the Pribumi members. There is still no refreshing change from the old UMNO divisive mentality.

In order to expunge the UMNO toyol from the new Pakatan Harapan government, it's time to get rid of the minority Pribumi from the ruling party. Bring Anwar back pronto.

MM Online - Perak Umno backs Pakatan MB in land title row indicating the true nature of the Pribumi MB's mentality.


  1. It's a constitutional question, they should refer it to one of Malaysia's foremost Constitutional lawyers, Attorney General Tommy Thomas.

    No need to go around making wild accusations.

  2. If the MB of Perak is found lying so early in his term for whatever reason on the land issue in order not to fulfill the PH manifestos, then the next proper action would be to move a motion of no-confidence on him as soon as possible.

    Lying quoting The Constitution is an unforgiveable sin and denotes his attitude, character and respect towards all other citizens.

    Let the ADUNS vote and decides whether he should continue serving the State as the MB.

    For all other purposes, he has already lost the integrity and moral standing to be the MB by lying about the Constitution and is detrimental to be even allowed to be in PH. He could be acting as a Trojan Horse for UMNO/BN.

    1. Maddy has his imperial grip on Kit Siang's and Anwar's balls

    2. Wow…

      Talking from experience as in jibby having his imperial grip on YOURS!

  3. In the inclusive New Malaysia Indians more than 60 years old holding red ICs are now given citizenship. In the same vein Chinese living in New Villages since before Independence should be given freehold titles. They, or their forefathers were forced into these enclaves. Now is the time to set things right.