Friday, August 10, 2018

Fantastic Vice Squad

Star Online - Police arrest 14 alleged prostitutes, seize 18 condoms and 4 towels at hotel spa:

SERDANG: Police have arrested 14 women for alleged prostitution following a raid at a hotel spa at Seri Kembangan, south of Kuala Lumpur.

Serdang OCPD Asst Comm Ismadi Borhan said police raided the hotel following a tip-off on Thursday (Aug 9).

"We raided the hotel at around 2.15am and arrested 14 women and three men there.

"The women were believed to be masseuses working at the spa," he told reporters at the Serdang police headquarters on Thursday

"We believe the women were offering sex to their clients in 'special packages' (costing) between RM200 and RM500," he said, adding that the women aged in their 20s and 30s were from Indonesia (four), Thailand (four) and Vietnam (six).

He added that the suspects would be remanded to help with investigations.

Fantastic, our Vice Squad has done well.

I have five (5) questions, to wit:

(1) Were the condoms already used? To save and help reduce our national debt of RM1 Trillion, don't throw the used ones away as they can be re-cycled for re-use. Send them to the Finance Ministry to be re-cycled for distribution.

(2) Were the towels of 'Good Morning' brand?

If they were, clean them up and send to the Penang state government. Why? - please refer to my Kongsamkok post The 'rich' char koay teow boy for reason, wakakaka.

(3) Were any Malaysian politicians or/and 'holy-than-thou' men among the three men caught? Wakakaka.

(4) Were the 'special packages' still GST-ed? IF they were, report same to YB Lim Guan Eng, Minister of Finance who loves to dig into such illegalities.

See also MM Online - We are free from GST’s yoke, says Guan Eng with passing of Sales Tax Bill:

(5) Did JAIS (in full man-ly force) accompany the police? If not, why not as the men caught and the alleged prostitutes, in particular those from Indonesia and Thailand, could be Muslims.


p/s don't let looes74 know as he will get highly excited, wakakaka.


  1. Is this part of the results of the Reforms happening among PDRM, Immigration and local councils?

    Or is it just a one time news event to show those enforcement authorities are doing their job?

  2. Prostitution is illegal in Malaysia.

    More importantly, it is a major factor in the trafficking of vulnerable women. They end up as virtual slaves, subject to violence and coercion .

    It has nothing to do with religious authorities.

    1. KT & the gangs r wagoning for jibby.

      The big one IS coming soon!