Friday, August 31, 2018

Useless Tok-Kok Women Minister excoriated by Marina

Star Online - Marina chides Wan Azizah over LGBT 'haram' remarks:

I strongly propose Marina be made a senator and appointed Women Minister 

PETALING JAYA: Social activist Marina Mahathir has chided Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail's remarks on those who support the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.

The eldest daughter of Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad took to Twitter when the Women, Family and Community Development Minister had said in an interview with radio station BFM that she would not condone the LGBT community lifestyle, adding that it was haram (forbidden). 

very useless minister
get RID of her 

Marina tweeted, "Dear @drwanazizah, did you just call a lot of people including me who have shown the slightest bit of compassion towards marginalized people in our society haram??"

She also posted on Twitter a link to Nikkei Asian Review's article which featured PKR-elect president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, quoting him as saying: “Malaysian society must live with different beliefs and ways of life and must respect people who are different, including gays, bisexuals and those who identify as transgender.”

Marina had previously hit out at Dr Wan Azizah when the latter said no criminal action could be taken against a 41-year-old man over his marriage with a 11-year-old girl in Kelantan.

"How much more watertight evidence do we need? This 41 year old man has been interested in her since she was 7 and married her at 11....that’s all the evidence you need!!!" Marina wrote in her Facebook account.


  1. In my mind lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender activity is morally objectionable.

    That does not conflict with my stand that such activity should be decriminalized.

    They should not be subject to legal sanctions, nevertheless I can never accept them as "Normal" behaviour.

  2. Instead of playing words with kak wan, marina should have hitting the bull eye of the issue by attacking the slumbering royal houses!

    This favourite daughter of mamak SHOULD have pestered the old man to invoke the supreme constutionality of the common laws over the hukum syariah.

    These will solve ALL zombie-related issues once for all!

    Or is she acting like kt, choosing to attack a harmless first-timer minister, while playing dumb to the elegantly silences of those heads of Islamic jurisdiction!

    No teloq?

    Ooop… she is!

    1. I only know marina doesnt know who this cheebye motherfucker kaytee is.

      Pom2 boy also must show face one ma

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  3. This religion does things to your brain.

  4. The current Minister of Women Affairs has just said her religion forbids her from taking actions on the Paedophile. Is that true or real? She is a dead duck, now.

    Marina's past history of contributions to the women's civil rights, marginalised societies and other stigmatised sections of societies deserves praises and worthy of being recognised by the PH Govt.

    However, Marina's appointment thru the backdoor system of a senatorship should only be for a Deputy Minister post. The current Deputy Minister should replace the TPM as the Minister of Women Affairs.

    When a Minister of Women Affairs brings up her religion or race as an excuse not to take action based on her role and responsibility, she should quit honourably to let others who can perform the role and responsibility.

    Wan Azizah has clearly shown she is not fit to play the role of Women's Minister by the restrictions imposed upon her by her religion.

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    2. aiyoh, I know you are desperate to call me Father but for the thousandth time, I did NOT fCk your mum so I cannot be your motherfucker and thus your Dad

  5. I dare say the vast majority of Muslims will agree with Kak Wan. Marina is a rare exception. Any Muslims out there agree with Marina? Speak up !!!

  6. I predicted Gopal (Go Go Gopal) to be appointed AG but TT got the job. Never mind, now Gopal is Senior Deputy PP, which is even better because he is totally focussed on 1MDB and won’t be distracted by administrative matters within the AG chambers. Najib is as good as toast.

    AG picks Anwar's former lawyers to prosecute Najib, 1MDB cases
    31 Aug 2018

    Attorney-general Tommy Thomas has appointed two leading lawyers to take on 1MDB-related cases as he himself takes a step back from the prosecutorial process.

    In a statement today, Thomas said lawyer Sulaiman Abdullah has been appointed as lead prosecutor in the government's case against former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak.

    Meanwhile, former Federal Court judge Gopal Sri Ram has been appointed as senior deputy public prosecutor to spearhead the process of preparing charges for other 1MDB-linked cases.

    Both Sulaiman and Sri Ram will be serving the government on a pro bono (no payment) basis.

    1. "Najib is as good as toast"

      Samuel 2:3 “Do not keep talking so proudly or let your mouth speak such arrogance,for the LORD is a God who knows, and by him deeds are weighed.”

  7. A subtle attempt by heinous KT to pit Anwar and Mahathir`s family

  8. The two books detailed below and a THIRD, already published by our very own P Guna, already explains in detail how the biggest kleptocracy heist in the world was carried out. The two prosecution lawyers, the Wise En Solomon and the Intrepid En Gopal, as well as the learned Judge, can use these three text books as reference material.

    Jho Low tries to scuttle Rewcastle-Brown's book on 1MDB

    31 Aug 2018, 10:17 pm

    The publisher of an upcoming book on 1MDB by Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown has been threatened by London law firm Schillings, who is representing Jho Low.

    "The letter threatened the publisher with 'substantial damages' on the basis that the law firm assumed the book would repeat what it called 'defamatory accusations' about Low made on (the) Sarawak Report (website)," wrote Sarawak Report today.

    According to Schillings' website, the law firm is described as specialising in solving "reputation problems" or privacy threats.

    "We are the only business in the world to deploy – under one roof – intelligence experts, investigators, cyber specialists, risk consultants, lawyers and top people from the military, banking and government," the firm claims.

    Sarawak Report said that Schillings' letter had claimed that no comment should be published on Low's involvement in 1MDB prior to the completion of civil proceedings on the company in the US.

    The website also said that Schillings letter to its book publisher also alleged that the website would repeat allegations presently circulating in the press and social media, which the firm claims "are part of a politically motivated campaign by the present Malaysian government".

    "Sarawak Report maintains that, to the contrary, our allegations are heavily documented, detailed and corroborated. Moreover, Low has not once contacted Sarawak Report to contest anything written by this site since it broke the original story in February 2015, detailing how US$700 million, supposedly paid by 1MDB into a joint venture with the company PetroSaudi, was in fact, detoured into the Coutts Zurich account of the Seychelles company Good Star, which is owned by Jho Taek Low," said the website.

    Despite the threat, Sarawak Report said that the book – titled The Sarawak Report – will still be sent to those who had pre-purchased it. The title will also be sold online.

    The Sarawak Report is one of two upcoming books on Low and 1MDB, the other being Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood, and the World, authored by Wall Street Journal writers Bradley Hope and Tom Wright.

    1. ~ Books As Weapons: Reading Materials and Unfairly Prejudicial Character Evidence

      "An explicit prohibition in the Federal Rules of Evidence against the admission of character evidence based on reading history would serve several practical functions. It would facilitate more accurate determinations of criminal guilt by juries who tend unknowingly to disregard limiting instructions and let nonconformity with social norms influence determinations of guilt. It would safeguard constitutional rights to privacy and free thought against increasing government and private surveillance of cognitive activity. Finally, it
      would replace the inconsistency of the current discretionary, ad hoc balancing test for admissibility with a test that promotes consistency among federal courts and similarly would compel state courts to
      amend their rules.

      By failing to safeguard the private act of consuming constitutionally protected information, courts have permitted jurors to consider reading history that shocks and offends sensibilities. But to do so diverts jurors‘ focus from the elements of the crime charged. Undoubtedly, defendants have paid a heavy price where perverse reading habits were unfairly determinative of serious criminal convictions.

      It may be easier for a prosecutor to portray a defendant as repulsive, but, given our commitment to universal civil liberties, we
      should exclude reading-history evidence and thereby require the government to respect defendants‘ cognitive rights. Prosecutors undoubtedly can rely on the multitude of other weapons in their arsenals to prove each case objectively, no matter how arduous."

    2. There is now an official Interpol Red Notice requesting member countries' law enforcement agencies to arrest Jho Low.
      Those days when he can pretend he is Lily white are Over.

      Of course, Cha Bor is still in cahoots with his benefactor and idol.

  9. No jury system here. I wonder who will start pointing fingers first. JL or Najib.