Saturday, August 25, 2018

Ong KM shows his true beatiful colours

FMT - No choice but to keep our promises, DAP MP tells PH (extracts):

Ong Kian Ming 

KUALA LUMPUR: A DAP leader disagreed with those who suggest that Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) manifesto was not cast in stone, saying it was only proper that Malaysians hold the coalition to its promises.

Ong Kian Ming, the Bangi MP who was part of the team who worked on the PH manifesto, said although the document was not legally binding, it was politically important in ensuring the success of the reforms agenda.

“Please continue to remind us of our manifesto promises. If we can’t fullfil them, put it as a black mark in five years’ time,” Ong, the assistant head of DAP’s Political Education bureau, told a forum on the theme of institutional reforms after 100 days of PH taking control of the federal government.

Earlier in the forum, Attorney-General Tommy Thomas said that the manifesto had been “elevated” to a “holy book”, saying it was a massive challenge for the government to undertake reforms after 60 years of Barisan Nasional rule.

Tommy Thomas 

“The manifesto is a political manifesto and has no legal significance,” Thomas said, and questioned the “obsession” over the manifesto

Well said, Kian Ming.

At least I am somewhat assured of one more true blue DAP member. Mind you, there aren't many left, what with its loud-mouth senior leader and his son deserting the DAP Isle of Principles.

I am relieved my old FB matey shows his true streak - it's gold, mate.

Can't say the same for the new AG.


  1. Talking kok. Go and join MCA and see how far you can go. Only good in criticizing and taking potshots at the Lims but how many politicians can achieve what they have achieved? Have you ever think what Malaysia would be without politicians like them who dare to point out all the wrongs and corruption of the government?

  2. Both Ong Kian Meng and Tommy Thomas are correct.

    It is important for Pakatan Harapan to work on fulfilling its Manifesto. Deviating or shelving any item must not be a gratuitous act.

    However, the bank is half broken, no thanks to many previously unknown serious Financial misconduct by the Najib Regime. The unpaid GST refund obligations, the pretend "Contingent" liabilities which turned out to be fully payable before the end of the year.

    It is important all important issues are examined objectively and the manifesto implementation not treated as just checking off a Bucket List.

    One of the reasons flying today is not as safe as it should be is some young pilots have been reduced to just checking off a Standard Operating Procedure.

    More than one airliner has crashed into the ground because the pilot was checking through the SOP folder instead of quickly taking stock of the emeegency situation.

  3. It's called Putting the Foot Down on PH manifestos promises instead of dilly dallying on some promises which are not financially constrained or legally tied down.

    Promises must be kept or "Janji-janji mesti dikotakan", no matter how long it takes, even if it takes 10 years otherwise it blemishes the image and promises made by PH leaders and voters will get jilted just like girlfriends and wives.

    Just because OKM is Kaytee's matey, he decided to be gracious for once and post something to console his readers who are getting disillusioned with his 101 articles bashing PH leaders day in and day out and made him no different from the Taliban RPK in Manchester, UK.

    It's refreshing for once.

  4. pls ask him talk to mahathir, not us.