Monday, August 20, 2018

Lim Guan Eng continues his tok-kok

NST - 'Guan Eng should focus on managing the ringgit instead of attacking MCA' (extracts):

BANGI: Lim Guan Eng has been reminded to focus on his task as Finance Minister and tackle issues stemming from the plunge of the ringgit, instead of attacking MCA’s record of working with all races.

MCA vice-president Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun said Lim, who is DAP secretary-general should be using his role as finance minister to counter the ringgit’s decrease in value, which she said has adversely affected the prices of goods in Malaysia.

“I urge Lim Guan Eng to put more focus on his role as MP (member of parliament) and (finance) minister.

“The (Malaysian ringgit) currency rate is depreciating. Even though the GST (Goods and Services Tax) has been repealed, the prices of goods in Malaysia would still be negatively impacted,” she said.

She was speaking at the launch of MCA by-election Balakong candidate Tan Chee Teong’s manifesto here on Sunday.

On Saturday, Lim had described MCA as a party which isolates itself by representing only one ethnic group.

Chew, in response, said Lim was intentionally trying to paint MCA in a negative light by harping up racial issues.

“Yesterday, Lim Guan Eng said that (MCA) plays up racial issue where he intentionally said MCA only prioritised the Chinese.

“I wish to strongly remind (him) that since its formation in 1949, MCA holds to a principle and ideology where despite being a Chinese-focused party, it still all this while plays its role to safeguard the welfare of all races.

“We cooperate with all races very well,” she said

like father, like son - lots of hot air

['siam' is Pg Hokkien for 'move to side & give way']

What Chew Mei Fun proposes is just NOT possible because Lim Guan Eng, though officially the nation's Finance Minister, does not have complete oversight of the Ministry of Finance's portfolios.

Many, in fact most of those financial portfolios, as many suspect, have been "taken over" by, namely:

(a) PM Mahathir himself who don't even consult nor discuss anything with Guan Eng other than to issue piecemeal instructions to the so-called Finance Minister, and

(b) Daim Zainuddin, Chair of the un-elected CEP, who is so powerful he could tell the Chief Judge of Malaysia to resign. There have been rumours he has even given instructions (not advice) to macai Guan Eng, and

(c) Azmin Ali, supposedly the Economic Minister but many suspect that Azmin is in reality the de facto Finance Minister.

[note: 'de facto' is a term copyright reserved by PKR, wakakaka]

Guan Eng has responsibility only for looking after the nation's begging bowl called Tabung Harapan, and by order of Mahathir, also checking through the so-called Finance Ministry's "Red Files" to continue the blackening of Najib's erstwhile premiership, outside formal police investigations and court trials.

So, Mei Fun, it's NOT possible for Guan Eng to just focus on his task as Finance Minister and tackle issues stemming from the plunge of the ringgit. Those would be outside his teeny weeny itsy bitsy portfolio that Mahathir allows him to have.

On Guan Eng's accusation of MCA representing only one ethnic group, obviously that's NOT true.

Much as I had been a DAP supporter for many many years prior to the (my and many others') shock of his father slutting himself around with his former arch-foe Mahathir, abandoning the pursuit of justice for Teoh Beng Hock, and thus putting the DAP's earlier sterling principles through the political paper-shredder, I have to disagree with Guan Eng's racist accusations.

DAP leader Lim Kit Siang shook hands with Rohaizad Yaakob, a top Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) official to show the opposition’s solidarity with the MACC

Yet just a year earlier, Kit Siang in his article, titled "Malaysians will not rest until justice is done for the killing of Teoh Beng Hock" said DAP and Pakatan Rakyat would continue to highlight the injustice of Teoh Beng Hock’s unresolved murder at MACC headquarters in Shah Alam

and yes, a year later he became pally-buddy with MACC

what utter bullshit & betrayal of Teoh Beng Hock and family

That's because I know the MCA has serve all races, as you put it correctly, in safeguard[ing] the welfare of all races.

And here's proof as reported by the Star Online:

Abdul Rahman Sothy Abdullah seeks help from Chong over an issue at his apartment block

Michael Chong will remain as MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head.

“Many often mistook my position as Public Services and Complaints Bureau Head but I am merely an employee of the MCA headquarters which manages the department in Kuala Lumpur.

“Together with my five dedicated staff members, we will continue our efforts to help and address prevailing as well as emerging social issues in the country,” he said in a statement on Saturday.

Chong said he looked forward to working with the new Pakatan Harapan government while welcoming NGOs to help raise social awareness and crime prevention issues.

Michael Chong is already a legend among Malaysians. Another Star report informs us (extracts):

Michael Chong willingly helps people regardless of ethnicity, religion, age, gender or political belief

Chong’s commitment to his job has earned him the reputation of being the go-to guy for help. Throughout his career, he has successfully solved 35,000 cases that included dealing with pimps, loan sharks, girls forced into prostitution and missing persons.

Although his is a challenging job, this father-of-five finds it rewarding to help those in need.

“Public service isn’t about solving cases involving longkang sumbat (clogged drains) or uncollected rubbish. It encompasses a wider scope, sometimes involving terrorists, diplomatic ties and working with our ministers to aid those in need,” says the amicable Chong, who sees between 10 and 20 people each day


  1. Why focus on MCA? Its a brain-dead party that's hanging onto BN for life support. Cut it out from BN and it will die very quickly.

    Up til now MCA still haven't found the bulldogs that can challenge & fight & win against DAP's mad dogs. They still wanna continue their egalitarian gentleman fight against a streetfighter, just look at the amounts of PH flags starting to fly in Balakong compared to ZERO MCA flags or banners. Why play by the rules and wait for campaign period? Stupids only follows rules when others don't. Balakong/ Cheras/ Seri Kembangan has so many unresolved problems for years and MCA hopefuls still pussyfooting instead of grabbing the issues by the neck (and the incompetent MPs by the literal neck). All body no backbone, only suck up dirt and spits out shits much like a sea cucumber. Only worth is to be eaten up.

    I'm expecting yet another massive failure for the MCA candidate, he might just get more votes if he pledge his allegiance to DAP if he wins. A spineless party that can't even fight for itself, whatmore trying to fight for the people.

  2. "MCA representing only one ethnic group, obviously that's NOT true."
    Ktemoc tok-kok...must be very heavy Dedak at work.

    Can an Aneh join MCA ?
    Can an Iban be an MCA office bearer ?
    Any Melayu members in MCA ?

    Nothing to detract from Michael Chong's work , which has nothing to do with MCA's representation, which by its Constitution. It is NOT enough to compensate for decades of MCA complicity and duplicity.

    1. You should ask kaytee cheebye mock to prove that he is a chinese. Ask him to show ic and birth cert. Plus kaytee present himself personally to u

    2. if MCA represents only one ethnic group, who then have MCA's Michael Chong represented?

    3. By its very definition, MCA cannot possibly REPRESENT people who are not eligible to become its members.
      Just as UMNO cannot possibly REPRESENT a Chinapek or Aneh.

      Michael Chong in his capacity as MCA's social service department has assisted people of many backgrounds , without regard to race or religion.

      That is great of him, but that does not change one bit who MCA represents.

    4. then, tell me about Mahathir and his Pribumi

    5. Precisely what Ktemoc wrote about Pribumi.

      What criteria Ktemoc applies to Pribumi also applies to UMNO and to MCA as well.

      Ktemoc cannot have his cake and eat it.

    6. No, you tell me whether Mahathir is representing non-pribumi Malaysians, or is your mouth so full of dedak that you can't answer my simple question?

    7. Mahathir is PM by consensus of all the Pakatan Harapan parties.
      The problem with Ktemoc is he still does not accept the results of the GE14 elections, shrill in denial.

    8. PM is only the primus inter pares in the cabinet - he is not the unquestionable Emperor

  3. Wekakaka... In January 2017, the Ringgit plunged to RM 4.5 to 1 USD...far worse than now.
    Ktemoc and MCA were defending Najib, saying it was due to external factors, and Najib was not to be blamed.

  4. I still wonder why MCA is adamant in remaining in BN when they have been humiliated and downtrodden for so long by UMNO in BN.

    Other components esp those in East Malaysia have started aligning themselves with PH or with Warisan knowing fully well the future of BN in East Malaysia is gone. PBB (current Sarawak State Govt.) is trying to reform itself by leaving BN for they know their own party survival to continue to reign in Sarawak needs to leave BN.

    What can MCA achieve by remaining in BN? Hoping, one day to be part of a BN Govt. again? Hoping to get a few posts, some projects, share some loot when back in power? Or is it with MCA, MIC remaining in BN, UMNO will thus have a chance to make a comeback riding on a multiracial platform to fool Malaysian Chinese and Indians again and again to vote for them? The other races in East Malaysia seems to be smarter when they decided to have their future determined by leaving BN so as to have their rights protected instead of depending on BN to protect their rights.

    Most Malaysian Chinese and Indians could see clearly that MCA and MIC are just not their protector of their rights and every by-election or general election smells of hoodwinking by their candidates under the guise of multiracialism or protector of their rights while UMNO/PAS keep making rhetorics of the 4Rs.

    You just can't win elections by hoodwinking the voters anymore. Most Malaysians have grown out of the concepts of Perikatan or BN since 2008 when they see no future in continuing supporting them.

    MCA could serve the community better by either merging with DAP or join PH before they themselves become irrelevant just like Gerakan, PPP, MyPPP etc.

    The days of MCA being relevant and populated with rich tycoons, businessmen, Chinese educationists, heads of Chinese associaions and guilds, heads of temples etc to obtain voters support is gone when Malaysian Chinese becomes more politically aware that their rights can only be protected by politicians via actual consenses in a non-BN coalition.

    After 61 years of existance in the name of protecting the interests of Malaysian Chinese, it is time to reform or retire in the background for good.

  5. MCA's Michael Chong is truly a gem. He helps people of all races. But why make this political. Give credit to the "original" peoples' hero......Lee Lam Thye of DAP, who also selflessly served people from all races. But for some unknown reason he resigned from the party and grassroots community service, although he continues to serve in capacities like road safety etc as a Tan Sri.

    1. MC remained because his party supported him in his work. LLT resigned from his party because they didn't support him in his work.

    2. MC is cunningly enough to want to be just a prawn in a 'vacillating' lake.

      LLT thought he could do no wrong, with a capricious wife who had endless desire for conspicuous wealth.

    3. Either way, both still serve their community but one within the party and one without it, so make your own conclusion.

    4. Wakakakakaka……

      Both served/serve with an udang of various degree of self-serving!


    5. MCA's Public services and Complaints Bureau should be spun off as an independent non-political social enterprise. That way the Pakatan Federal Government , Civil Society and other NGOs can aid and cooperate with it without any political complications or roadblocks.

      MCA's political wing can Tutup Kedai and few people would even notice any difference.

    6. KT, I too respect both and honours their work. But when one has the party working with him and the other having to work outside the party, you can clearly see which party values the social servicing work done by these 2.

  6. chabo sorry to say your idol won't be presenting the national budget this time but guess who will wakakaka but do remain alert and focused we do need your criticism to progress

  7. I remember Ktemoc flatly declared that Race-Based parties are by nature inherently Racist........unless when it suits him to deny it...

    looks like Ktemoc's stand is dependent on which way the Dedak flows....

  8. MCA better tread carefully in Balakong or they might lose their deposit in the by-election. No prizes for guessing the name of the MCA minister who signed the lopsided AES agreements that Anthony Loke now wants to cancel.

    ANTHONY Loke has reminded MCA not to forget which transport minister had signed the lopsided Automated Enforcement System (AES) agreement before urging him to apologise over Putrajaya’s decision to void all outstanding AES summonses.

    The transport minister said the controversial agreement between the previous administration and two concessionaires was signed by former transport ministers from MCA.

  9. Ktemoc, why do you hate the father and son so much? Never ever hear a nice word from you when it comes to them. If you want a “perfect” government why not join a political party and try to right all the wrongs you had been criticizing every day instead of hiding yourself in your room to take potshot at those who wants to fight for a better Malaysia. The new government is just 100 days old and surely you cannot expect it to do things as perfectly as what you wanted it to be. Join MCA or Gerakan and let us see how far you can go as a politician. If you can do better than the father and son team i will kiss your shoes. Once upon a time I love to visit your blog but it seems talking kok is your only talent.

    1. Nothing personal from Ktemoc.

      He has some big personal or contractual obligation to hentam Daily Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng, and the Pakatan Harapan government in general.

      All in a days work , ya....

    2. Sigh. Seems so. But hopefully we recentre ourselves. Bos boleh ke tak?

    3. Agree..
      nothing about the ex-premier no matter what wrongdoings that he and his gang have done.
      I am all for fair and just comments be it BeeEnd or PH. Whoever is wrong ought to be rightfully cruxified. Being lopsided is a turn-off becos no substance...more like a drunkard spewing non-sensible ramblings...

    4. Unknown, you're disappointed with me because I walloped PAS - accept that as my blogger's privilege - I can wallop anyone I opine as not doing his or her work

    5. Hehe....there's more than one Unknown in the comment section,I think...this Unknown is not your choirboy Unknown who is the PasPisPus worshiper. This Unknown is disappointed with you NOT because you "walloped PAS" but because of the truth....which is that "it seems talking kok is your only talent" his very own words, wakakakka. Take that, you Kiasu Bullshitter, LOL

    6. Original Unknown is a thinking type...
      another Unknown is a Ketuanan Zombie..

  10. Balakong is a dead campaign for MCA.

    Interestingly, Sri Setia is still very much an open contest.

    Dr. Halimah is one of PUS better quality candidates, and there are still many Malays who support PUS.
    UMNO is exhorting its members and supporters to vote for PUS.
    It will be interesting to watch how this pans out.

    Sri Setia is not a foregone conclusion, though PKR still has the advantage of holding both the State and Federal Governments.

  11. Lets empower the upper house. In the short to medium term, we should populate the 70 seat Dewan Negara with 40/30 senators from Harapan/Opposition, to reflect the elected lower house. But unfortunately the BN appointed senators refuse to vacate. Longer term we should have elected Senators as well, elections held either at the same time as GE for lower house or staggered 2 years after.

    Senator laments ‘unimportance’ of Dewan Negara rejecting SST bills
    Kow Gah Chie

    20 Aug 2018, 2:43 pm

    PARLIAMENT | The BN-controlled Dewan Negara’s rejection of the sales and service tax (SST) bills will carry no weight in Putrajaya, laments BN senator Ong Chong Swen.

    This is because, Ong said, the money bill will still come into force despite the upper House’s objections.

    "The reality is, whether (we) support the Sales Tax Bill 2018 or not, whether (the Senate) passes or not... this is not important...

    1. Anyone wondering what is the purpose of the Senate?

      Is it set up just to follow the UK Parliamentary system of a House of Lords?

      UK can afford it but not Malaysia where all the Senators makan gaji buta and it is used as a backdoor to be appointed Minister or Dep. Minister.

      Wonder how much it will save by not having a Senate?

    2. The let's save even more money by not having Dewan Rakyat anymore, after all, their headcount is more than the Senate. Why bother keeping them when all decisions now are from Mahathir and his Cronies of Elderly Persons.