Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Guan Eng - Bising sangat hutang 1MDB, Diam macam tikus kerugian Proton Mahathir

Malaysia-Today - Guan Eng, Now Let’s Talk About The Trillions That Mahathir Cost Malaysians:

Lim Guan Eng insists that Malaysia is in trouble. And it is all because of the alleged RM1 trillion national debt that Najib Tun Razak cost Malaysia — which was declared at only RM680 billion instead of RM1 trillion.

In other words, Najib did not declare an additional RM320 billion in debts. And if Malaysia’s debts had been RM680 billion instead of RM1 trillion, then Malaysia would not be in trouble.

First of all, one-third of those so-called RM1 trillion* debts are NOT debts but are contingent liabilities. And contingent liabilities are NOT debts.

* see Malaysiakini - Is our debt really over RM1 trillion? by Gunasegaram: which proved Lim Guan Eng has been WRONG in quoting a RM1 Trillion debt for Malaysia

Even more importantly, while Guan Eng keeps talking every day about Najib’s so-called RM1 trillion national debt, how many trillions has Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s national car cost Malaysia?

Yes, according to Bank Negara, Proton has cost Malaysia trillions. Pakatan Harapan keeps talking about Najib’s so-called multi-billion 1MDB losses and the alleged RM1 trillion national debt. But what about the trillions that Mahathir’s Proton cost Malaysia? Why not discuss this as well?

And now Mahathir wants to add to those trillions by launching his Third National Car.

Guan Eng, let us also talk about that. Jangan jadi Cina pukimak. Don’t keep quiet and avoid talking about how much Mahathir cost Malaysia. You keep talking about the billions of 1MDB losses and the RM1 trillion national debt while you keep silent about Mahathir’s disaster amounting to trillions.

Kuai nah-kah gniaw-choo


  1. ...."according to Bank Negara, Proton has cost Malaysia trillions"
    Proton's entire cash flow in 33 years hasn't run into trillions. Where did your number come from. ...make sure you didn't misplace the decimal point somewhere.

    Cha Bor....the Finance Minister is doing his day job, its not simply politics.

    Gunasegaram is over eager to Hentam the Pakatan Government, I suspect due to some hidden personal bugbears of his.

    A "contingent liability" is a potential liability which is not certain to be paid out. A lot of what the government previously hid as "Contingent Liability" have turned out to be Firm Liabilities, payable in Cold Hard Cash. Where is the "Contingent" part again?

    To my knowledge , the Current Finance Minister did NOT inherit any liabilities, firm or contingent for Proton.

    1MDB is a current, ongoing Multi-multi Billion Ringgit liability, which the Finance Minister has a tough time figuring out.

  2. LGE looking at trees but not the forest. Such a shortsighted person.

    1. MOM posted a pack of lies, but Cha Bor has swallowed it totally uncritically.

    2. No more different than the lies from your shortsighted money minded Minister. Selecting one liar to replace another liar, what's the difference? Same shit different smell only.

  3. Do you sometimes wonder why bloggers and writers can't differenciate between losses due to failed national projects with no personal gain and those which ends up in the houses and personal banks accounts of corrupted leaders and their companies?

    It is a sure sign of a lack of mental faculties in reasoning, seeing right from wrong and morality and perhaps blind, deaf and mute.

    You wonder what the writer or blogger is trying to tell or teach his audience?

    Perhaps he feels enamored already with his existing pool of equally dumb audience and still thinks too highly of himself in his writing skills.

    Making fools and brain dead out of others is perhaps his inordinate skill.

    After so many years, bit by bit, his once loyal readers before seem to have found out his devilish ways and deserted him in droves and he still think he is relevant in the New Malaysia audience.

  4. Wow!!!

    Now u used that art of saying little about truth but intertwined it with rephrasing of sentences!

    U r just a wannabe rottweiler!

    1. Anjing ini tak kan lepas once he locked his jaws into his dedak-laden pieces ! Boring us to tears with his ad nauseam attacks but as long as his dedak paymaster can be conned to cough up, this doggie will not be giving up his disgusting lucrative 'art' anytime soon.

  5. the ultimate loser blew a gasket by calling tokong cina pukimak wakakaka, does he think that only his opinion matters, two can play at that game, if he can go on and on about a particular subject why can't others, I have a strong feeling he is complaining about you though, cos you can go on and on about maddy but not najib...
    the only difference is the tokong being the fm has to take responsibility for what he says while the loser has the liberty to spin all he likes

  6. "Jangan jadi Cina pukimak"
    Wakakka....this Cha Bor has gone completely bonkers...

  7. I hear that RPK’s MT website readership has all but disappeared. Almost as few as this blog (haha). And his daughter Sara joining Gerakan just before GE14 was a huge mistake - they got completely wiped out.

  8. Hahaha...."Jangan jadi Cina pukimak" ? Aiyoyo...apa sudah jadi ni ? Has he forgotten his statement :

    'Loves a laugh or/and story or two, or more, but loves civility and courtesy much more, especially in politics'

    Podahhhh la ! Civility and courtesy my foot...all thrown out the window when dedak beckons. A million hexes on you and your equally desperado sifu, hihihi

  9. Cina Pukimak ?? look in the mirror wakakakka. You must be a father fucker looes got u all wrong