Sunday, August 12, 2018

Equanimity runs smoother than Proton

Malaysiakini - Jho Low on Equanimity: Dr M's 'hijacking' of legal proceedings 'embarrassing' (extracts):

Fugitive businessperson Low Taek Jho, or Jho Low, has accused Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad of "hijacking" the legal proceedings of other countries in order to acquire the 1MDB-linked superyacht Equanimity.

In a statement from Low's spokesperson, through his lawyers, the controversial financier is insisting Malaysia's seizure of the superyacht Equanimity was illegal.

This comes upon Mahathir's insistence yesterday that both the US and Indonesian authorities were on board with Malaysia's possession of the ship, which he said the US assured belonged to Low, as it was allegedly purchased with "stolen Malaysian money".

and remove their minds off the capati-ed Pakatan pledges

keep in cold storage & recycle for GE15 

Low's spokesperson accused Mahathir of “putting words into the mouth” of the DOJ, adding that: "These repeated misstatements by Malaysia are embarrassing the US, which has stressed it has no involvement in the illegal seizure of the vessel and will update the US court on Aug 17."

The prime minister, the statement read, had once more showed that proper legal process has no place in the Mahathir regime.

"The US hasn’t proven anything. The truth is this: the US filed unproven allegations in a civil forfeiture complaint more than a year ago – then halted the proceedings before any party had any meaningful chance to respond.

“It is clear that the Mahathir regime has no interest in a fair and just legal process. His hijacking of established and long-running legal proceedings in other countries involving those governments (such as the United States) in the Equanimity matter prove this beyond any doubt.”

The Equanimity had been the subject of a custody battle between the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and Indonesia after the former had filed a civil forfeiture suit on the US$250 million vessel last year.

The DOJ claimed that the luxury yacht was bought using the proceeds of misappropriated 1MDB funds laundered through the US financial system, and that Low owns the vessel through a series of intermediaries including Equanimity Ltd

I'm gonna get that Bugis lanun

Fei Sok (wakakaka) Jho Low is advised NOT stand in the path of a raging bull - well, at least in Malaysia when Maddy rules supreme. Maddy is a very angry old man who wants to get Najib one way or another - hey man, with Mahathir it's now PERSONAL, and fCk 1MDB.

If Maddy can't get Najib through 1MDB, he'll get Najib through the Altantuyaa case, and if not, then through Najib's Income Tax returns, and if not, then through Najib's colour of his underwear which offends Maddy, and if not, then Najib's dandruff which fell on Mukhriz's shoulders.

Last but not least there's the Maddy's Special of a mini teeny weeny lil' Ops Lalang II solely for Jibby and close cohorts (women not discounted), wakakaka.

Hell hath no fury like an Emperor scorned.

no one, yes no one fCks around with any of my boys


  1. poor kt, maddy must be such an enormous prick, his butt still hurts

    1. Madhater would only need to put a stick about on this motherfucker cheebye kaytee

    2. why do you keep accusing me of bonking your mum? I did not lah, told you oredy

  2. KT could petition the govt to give the yatch back to JL if he feels strongly about it. Najib would be grateful.

  3. An honest man will surely dare to face challenges in whichever court and in whichever country to reclaim what rightfully belongs to him/her, bought or inherited thru legal and honest means.

    Media sensationalising and politiking towards claims ain't going to bite anymore when the Laws are applied by any legal Government.

    1. just like the rightful owners of the Adorna case?

    2. So u think this Fei Sok is the rightful owner of the Equanimity?

      Ada proof ke?

      Furthermore, he has openly dissociated himself with that ownership & now die2 must cry father/mother about the confiscation!

      What's going on? Is he lying?

      Ooop… under who's watch is the Adorna case happened?

    3. who destroyed the judiciary and selected his men to be on the bench?

    4. Ooop…… who was the judge sitting for the case of Adorna? Under whose watch?

      Who was the chief justice of malaysia when the Adorna case was overturned? Lagi under whose watch?

      If mamak f*cked up the judiciary, WHY the subsequent PMs didn't 'right-sized' back the judiciary?

      Ain't they worse than Nanak, in continuing the bad legacy of mamak?

      Yr fart is liken to blame prophet Mohammed for the rise of the zombieism within Islam lah!

      Yr zombie fanboys WILL call for yr blood - watch out!

  4. Wakakka..Jho Low is in a trap of his own making, like so many other crooks and fraudsters.

    When you have control of valuable assets , but your source of funds is not Kosher, it is useful fiction to set up the legal papers to hide your ownership.

    If you lose control of the assets, the tables are turned the other way round.
    The earlier subterfuge of hiding your ownership makes it hell to regain the asset.....

    Equanimity is legally owned by a Cayman Island-based shell company, just like so much else with 1MDB.
    The Directors of the shell company are just useful idiots who get paid to put their name on the list.

    Jho Low has denied he is the real owner of Equanimity. That is the fiction he is still asserting in the US Court, to prevent Kleptocracy charges against himself.

    But now , why is Jho Loh jumping up and down like a monkey making noise about Equanimity, which he said before, doesn't belong to him?

  5. The private jet in SGP next. Another 100M or so.....kaching.....into the Tin Milo Tabung Harapan.

  6. Even KJ says it.....

    Don’t run if you are innocent, Khairy tells Jho Low

    Khairy Jamaluddin says Umno will not be able to move forward as long as Low Taek Jho remains on the run.

    FORMER Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin today called on wanted businessman Low Taek Jho to stop hiding if he is innocent.

    The Rembau MP said the businessman, better known as Jho Low, who is implicated in the 1Malaysia Development Bhd scandal, must return to Malaysia and face the authorities.

    1. Wakakaka....I don't trust KJ one bit.
      But he obviously realises UMNO and the Opposition in general cannot move on from their GE14 loss until they dissociate themselves from 1MDB.
      The more they try to defend Najib's role, and Jho Low's role, the deeper they sink in.

      Same with Ktemoc.

  7. KT, are you related to MT and the Third Force etc? seems like all spin and talk but no proof to show also...why Fei Chye making so much noise since he said Equa is not his etc? You also echoing along the same lines and making as much noise as MT and the Third Force etc...just publish whatever proof there is/are and PH
    will be need to talk three talk four for 100 days...if not can talk till 10000 days about Madey this and that...but nothing dramatic hanges or happens...waste of time and space..huh?

    1. have to keep pointing out Maddy's faults and hypocrisies, because those supporting him are gullible guppies who need reminding of their blindness, wakakaka

    2. Alex, you must be new here, but you have straightaway noted that this site has the same color and smell of MT and the Third-rate Force ! good on you....

      Just to bring you up to speed....MT's boss is actually Ktemoc's adored SIFU lah, using his very own words. And the adoring Sifu is more recognizable by nicks like MOM ( monster of manchester ), raja putar klentong, flabby white mat salleh, blardy baldy, RePeK, and Mabuk Liar, the latter was actually from Dr M himself, hehehe.

      Re Ktemoc talking 3 talking is not because he has proofs or that he wants to improve for the good of the country, or that out of the pure goodness of his heart that he couldn't bear "blind gullible guppies" being led astray. The truth is more mundane....he's just merely a mercenary for hire, just like his Sifu and that 3rd rate fella, hehehe. Spinning, outright fabrication and lies, twisting, pretend-outrage and double standard, pitting one against another, instigation, baling batu sembunyi tangan....these are their daily arsenal deployed shamelessly just to earn their dedak.

      For this class of rascals, it is not a matter of 'wasting time and space' at fact, the more trash they churn out, the better their kpi achievement, which of course translates to mucho dedak ! Hopefully they choke on their ill-gotten gains ? wakakakaka.

    3. Haha...this little comment is worth reproducing here...the Third Force aka the Turd Farce ? wakakakkaka :

      "There is a skinny, rat-faced Bhai drug addict called "The Turd Farce" who lives as a pimple on RPK's vast, flabby white bontot.

      This rat-faced Bhai is now claiming that the super yacht was not bought by Fei Low from 1MDB funds.

      This is where the pro-Umgnok bloggers actually become Umgnok's worst liability.

      They have never woken up.

      They think the strategy of denying corruption is going to work."


  8. Another thing...why need approval for publishing comments? should be fair..
    neither fear nor favour..if not then you are btr off publishing jokes and anecdotes...

    1. lots of obscenities and slanders

    2. 答非所问 (twisting the answers)!!

      Kt is one of the keenest promoter of obscenities (his cut&paste replies to loose) & slanders (his concerted effort with his mom sifu in running down PH).

      What make it hypocritical IS he runs the site!

    3. CK is not only a bullshitter but a KIASU bullshitter, wakakaka

    4. Wakakakakaka… shot to yr hearts content lah!

      AGAIN, let the readers decide lah!

      Yr words mean nothing, except yr choirboys.

  9. Hi JJ
    Thanks for the kind updated info. Really appreciate.
    Am not that "new" here actually but previously just a silent reader for quite some time. Hihihi..
    Wanted to share some interesting and super sensitive news and a photo here but KT's blog is not "friendly" ..could not attach any photo. Just for the sake of getting KT's reactions and comments...hahaha.
    Anyway, thanks once again..if KT allows photos to be attached then we can have a sensitive but interesting debate here...

    1. Frankly I am an old timer on blogging thus in a certain weird Luddite sense I am not on speed with attaching photos, not that I don't want you to. I just don't know how, wakakaka