Friday, August 10, 2018

Princess Iron Fan condemned for inaction in paedophile case, not for her tudung

MM Online - Lambasting ‘ultra liberals’, Rafizi says Wan Azizah can’t talk about child marriage all day long (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 10 — Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail was merely trying to provide context to the high-profile child bride case in Kelantan and cannot solely expend her attention on that topic, Rafizi Ramli has said in response to critics he dubbed “ultra liberals”.

Rafizi said, if anything, the deputy prime minister and women’s minister gave too many details to provide context for the case of a 41-year-old rubber trader taking an 11-year-old Thai girl as his third wife in Gua Musang, Kelantan.

“Just because she wears ‘tudung’, she's not your liberal champion, the social activists jump and imply as if she's a Malay conservative who supports underage marriage. That's not fair on her,” Rafizi told Malay Mail in an exclusive interview here

We did/do NOT criticise Princess Iron Fan because she wears tudung nor want her to talk about the 11 year old lil' girl who has become a victim of a predatory 41 year old man.

We want Princess Iron Fan to TAKE ACTION to save that girl instead of her highness doing fCk-all, and pretending not to know the anger the public has raged against her. We want you Rafizi to know your highness as Women Minister IS RESPONSIBLE for the fate of that lil' girl.


  1. If the deputy had been the Minister of Women affairs instead of the Tudung wearing DPM, the criticisms against inaction would have been doubly worst from ultra-liberals since there is no excuse for her to hide behind her religious beliefs and sensitivity.

    Why didn't he lambast all the other religious authorities eg Muftis, Jakim, Islamic NGOs, State MBs, State Excos of relgion, Minister of Religion etc where their main jobs is to look into such religious matters?

    Critics of saving a child from the hands of a Paedophile is considered Ultra-Liberal?

    So, what do you make of this guy? A Liberal? An Islamic Liberal? Looks more like a Poh Lam Par of Princess Iron Fan/ AI in the runup to the PKR AGM to get a few brownies.

  2. Real fart, would it stinks all the way to all the palaces throughout bolihland?

    But kt is obviously NOT aiming for a quick responses from those slumber heads of Islamic faith.

    Vicious dog ONLY barks its head off at the seemingly harmless person. Once confronted with a tough looking person, it COULD only wag it's tail & run!

    What do u want kak wan, as Women Minister who IS RESPONSIBLE for the fate of that lil' girl, did?

    Has she been fanning herself off the diabolical farts from kt, or is she doing a lot of background works together with her colleagues to kill this issue once for all?

    What if her proposed law to ban this barbaric dogma IS been challenged by the zombies on the ground of constitutionality?

    Child marriage IS legal under the M'sia syariah court.

    Furthermore, to change the status of the syariah court, or for that matter just this child-marriage clause, WOULD require a 2/3 majority vote in the Parliament.

    Has PH govt gotten the prerequisite 2/3 votes?

    Will those teloq-less ummat MPs join in to achieve the quorum?

    Yr irrational & villainous attacks on kak wan IS just yr scheming diversion tactics for

    1) the ‘missing’ RM18b GST refunds

    2) the charging of jibby in court

    3) the compounding of the equanimity super yacht

    4) the continuing saga of 1MDB blunderings

    The quickest & completeness solution to this child-marriage issue IS for those heads of the Islamic faith in bolihland to come out strongly condemning its practice & issue a decreed/fatwa to ban it throughout bolihland!

    Will these slumberheads care & show some usefulness for their 'royally' up keeping?

    So, pen-pusher, NOW, u should know whos r yr f*cking targets lah!

    No teloq or u r just a crownish cur?