Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Poisonous Rengas was planted during 4th Reich

poisonous Rengas - poisonous Malaysian politics
poisonous corruption - poisonous racial relationship 

From Malaysiakini (extracts):

by Kim Quek

sacked Lord President of Judiciary + 5 judges 

incarcerated 106 people without trial 

Amidst widespread public unease on creeping return of Mahathirism, former Pandan MP and PKR leader Rafizi Ramli’s call for relentless public scrutiny of the new regime is timely.

Time of euphoria of electoral victory is over. Time of pre-election BN/Umno bashing is also over. What we must ponder seriously now is: are we heading in the right direction?

Have we done the right thing to speedily reform the hideous system left over by the Umno-led regime? What have we done to remove economic bottlenecks to restore investors’ confidence and reboot the economy?

Has the new regime made an impact on our economy yet? If not, why? Why has the entire cabinet remained mute when Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad repeatedly indulges on impulsive decision-making over major issues apparently without serious deliberation and consultation with the cabinet?

Such as his abrupt announcement on premature immediate zero-rating of GST, abrupt cancellation of KL-Singapore High-Speed Rail project, starting a new national car project, ....... procrastinating over the repeal of the unconstitutional National Security Council Act, etc.

act dunno - keep playing your Sudoku 

It was the previous autocratic rule of Mahathir that built the abominable system that allowed the Najib autocracy to flower and almost sank the nation. Do we want any more of such autocracy?

It is at times like this when the collective leadership of Pakatan Harapan seems to have submerged and the regime becoming apparently directionless that we need leaders with Rafizi’s integrity and calibre to stand up and speak the truth fearlessly.

It is also hoped that the public will remain vigilant and critical whenever criticism is called for to ensure that the powers-that-be that they have elected will serve the purpose for which they have voted them for.

replaces Koh Tsu Koon as Raja Bodek
now quiet as a mouse regarding Mahathir's scandals 


  1. What about the Australian Najib bodek-er who, just like MCA, was as quiet as a mouse regarding Najib's scandals, nay, kept denying them, and now only emerge as a champion of transparency....

    Sudah Kalah baru Bersuara.

  2. Rafizi is just Anwar's lapdog. If he says something, its with the tacit approval of his master. There is a disturbance in the Force within PKR and PH.

  3. Tun kata dia disuruh/perintah oleh Agong utk pecat Lord Abbas.
    In other cases, dia and other pH people said Agong tak de pilihan, kena sain saja apa2 lantikan dari pm.
    Ni Ari, laporan kata Tun cakap Agong tak de kuasa dalam kelulusan undang2.
    Sebenarnya, apa kuasa yg dipegang oleh Agong?

  4. TDM knew he committed many sins as a politician and as a human being during his lifetime and he alone knows whether he lied or did not lied. Many may be hurt, deprived, suffered or perhaps gain from his sins. Only he knows in his heart.

    When a man approaches his end, the sins committed becomes a guilt conscience and some tried to console themselves and others by repenting, undo their sins or turn to religion in the believe their God/Gods will forgive their sins done to fellow humankind.

    He knows, he is near to his deathbed and whether he continues without this conscience is anyone's guess. For at his age, all other factors like wealth, power, positions, greed slowly becomes insignificant leaving him to face his own conscience and legacy in life.

    The past do not determine anymore his ongoing actions and journey towards a peaceful death.

    Some realise earlier and some realise much later in life.

    Unfortunate are those who keeps chasing their own selfish, self induced beliefs throughout their life till death without any conscience and humanity toward fellow human beings.

    1. Mark my word, Mahathir will probably OUTLIVE Anwar, Moody, LKS and Ku Li - his family has been blessed (or cursed) with longevity genes

    2. Wow!!!

      Mark yr word?

      Moody & lks have cancer. Manmanlai has too many hidden illnesses. Mamak & Ku li r probably having the same 'jambu' to keep their life force going - just for that much longer.

      Game on!

      Where to put the wager against ALL 4?

      What's the reward?

      (Wakakakakaka… close the blogs!)