Monday, August 20, 2018

Perak Pribumi MB treats DAP as new MCA & PKR as new Gerakan

My earlier post Pribumi MB Perak shows his ketuanan (ex UMNO) mentality narrated the new (ex UMNO) MB from the minority ketuanan Pribumi Party, Ahmad Faizal Azumu, refuses to issue freehold titles to framers as pledged prior to GE14, citing flimsy excuses.

But his lousy excuses were demolished kaukau by his exco members from Amanah and DAP, respectively former Perak MB Nazir Jamaluddin and DAP's Dr Bari, a constitutional law expert. These two exco members said there is no law prohibiting freehold titles to land as pledged under Pakatan manifesto.

Nizar was formerly Perak MB

Dr Bari was touted to be the new Perak MB
but DAP dares not dispute Mahathir's nomination

And now there is a new player in town objecting to the ketuanan (ex UMNO) Pribumi MB's unexplained stubbornness to NOT fulfil a Pakatan manifesto pledge. MM Online reported:

Former Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) vice-president Datuk Hamidah Osman today slammed her former colleagues in Perak Pakatan Harapan for allegedly lying to the public over the issuance of freehold land titles.

Hamidah said Perak Mentri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu was fully aware of the coalition’s pre-election promise to award the freehold titles, but had since changed his tune after PH successfully formed the state government.
“As Perak Pakatan Harapan chairman, he knew about this before the election,” she told a press conference at her home here.

“It was one of the pledges that PH agreed upon. Why was it agreed upon then? But once the government was formed, he said something else

My dear, it's called memper-capati-kan, Pakatan's favourite sports. And in actuality, Pakatan is not to be blamed for the action of ONLY the state MB, your former Pribumi colleague.

But is Pakatan so dominated, cowed and kiasi by the minority party Pribumi that it is allowing the new installed-by-Emperor-from-Putrajaya's MB to do what he likes unilaterally without consultation with his exco, basically to wreck its pre-election pledge?

Just a reminder, Pakatan might have won Perak but Pribumi's contribution towards its victory in GE14 has been insignificantly minimal.

BUT Ahmad Faizal Azumu still gets to become MB only because Mahathir nominated him over Amanah or DAP candidates, whilst the other Pakatan component party leaders accepted Mahathir's bullying vote kuai-kuai without even a single whimper.

And a timely reminder of this ketuanan MB's performance in GE14 - Ahmad Faizal Azumu won the Chenderiang seat from the BN-MCA candidate with a majority of ONLY 39 votes.

Thus he shouldn't act so fCking tough - he is only MB because Pakatan Harapan leaders dare not question Mahathir's push for the lion's share of the spoils of war.

And the consequence of such a submission to Mahathir's bullying? Ahmad Faizal Azumu now shows his ketuanan (ex UMNO) mentality by refusing to issue freehold titles to farmers as pledged and without satisfactory reason against the advice of his exco.

Conclusion: The so-called "New Malaysia" is still the old Malaysia with UMNO mentality existing in the Pribumi members and worse, dominating DAP as the new MCA and PKR as the new Gerakan.

In Pribumi there is still no refreshing change from the old UMNO divisive domineering despotic mentality.


  1. Don't jump the gun. This will be resolved soon.

  2. There should be a confidence vote on the MB by all the ADUNS in the State Assembly/Diwan Negeri.

    That's where PH leaders and their parties need to show their muscles.

    State Assembly/Parliament is also where Citizens show their power via their ADUNs/MPs when any MB/PM are recalcitrant.

  3. Saya amat bersimpati kepda Dr Bari. Rightfully, he should be the MB.