Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sue complainants into sweet silence

MM Online - Muslim activist says sorry to Khalid, shows ‘evidence’ of gay fest (extracts):

Gerakan Muslimah Islam Malaysia (GMIM) president Wan Asshima Kamaruddin shows reporters the purported advertisement for ticket sales for a purported three-night gay festival in Kuala Lumpur to be held from August 30 to September 1. — Picture by Ida Lim

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 25 — A Muslim activist apologised to Federal Territories Minister Khalid Samad today after he previously said he would sue her for claiming he approved a “gay festival”, but provided what she said was “evidence” of its existence.

Wan Asshima Kamaruddin, president of Muslim women coalition Gerakan Muslimah Islam Malaysia (GMIM), insisted she never meant to embarrass Khalid in her since-removed video containing the initial allegation.

“If the video was misinterpreted as accusing him and government departments, I hereby apologise as I had no intention of embarrassing and challenging his position as federal territories minister.

“I truly hope that they will be more focused on the issue of saving youths who are increasingly deviating far from the true path of Islam and crack down on gambling, drugs and so on; not play with emotions or get personal by suing me,” she told reporters here opposite the Dang Wangi district police headquarters

There is something wrong in the way ministers behave, more so on Pakatan side.

Ministers and civil servants should NOT sue a member of the public who complains against the government, regardless of how unsubstantiated the accusations may be.

One, ministers serve the rakyat and if a member of the rakyat buat bising and accuses a minister or civil servant, please explain why the accusation is not true, not substantiated or not valid.

That's the minister or civil servant's job, to serve and not to bloody sue.

Two, threatening to sue is a threat to silence the complaining member of the rakyat, because of the associated tedious and costly process. It's undemocratic and unfair, especially if that public member is poor or lacks knowledge of the law or is easily intimidated by the aggressive talk-back of "City Hall".

Too fCking sensitive of Minister Khalid Samad, just like Lim Guan Eng.

Former PM Najib had also threatened to sue or had actually sued the press, but a/the press would be expected to have more knowledge, responsibility and deeper pockets (than an individual) about libel, though the best way would be to intelligently rebut any accusations, libel or slander. The later Lee Kuan Yew was also fond of using the law to STFU the press, wakakaka.

If one has thin skin, please don't be a minister lah. You'll just keep threatening to sue anyone who complains, and soon there'll be complete silence around you except for brown-nose polishing. Then you become the Emperor without (or with new) clothes.

he certainly has a very impressive uniform, inclusive of a paratrooper wing, wakakaka


  1. "please explain why the accusation is not true" what if tis dun work?

  2. Tarnishing another person's image using religion, race and other defamatory lies (an UMNO's culture) has been going on by bloggers, writers, print media, social media etc for the past decades espeicially on opposition leaders and supporters for decades.

    It was a free for all by BN supporters and media knowing full well they are protected by the BN regime and the Govt. agencies who will look the other way. The lack of faith in the Judiciary and Courts also makes it hardly worthwhile to sue such defamatory speeches and articles before.

    Go ahead and sue her butt off and make her as an example to others still living in their own syiok culture that a simple apology when caught will let her off the hook. The damage to a victim's image and credibility has already been done and it is too late.

    Letting such a BN's culture to fester can only make others continue this disgusting behaviour with impunity.

  3. "Ministers and civil servants should NOT sue a member of the public who complains against the government, regardless of how unsubstantiated the accusations may be."

    I tend to agree, but at least , they are not abusing their right as a private citizen to seek redress for what they felt as defamation.

    Najib did something much, much worse.

    He used the Government law enforcement and prosecution service to arrest and charge people who floated Yellow Balloons, drew cartoons, made clown faces of Najib, and uploaded pretend Time Magazine covers to Facebook.

    Sadly, many were those who were complicit with Najib through their absolute Graveyard silence.

  4. I dont know which planet KT comes from but if someone were to badmouth me in public, especially if it is done with malice and outright lies, i will sue his/her pants/pantis off.
    Maybe KT fancies himself to be Jesus Christ, who says 'turn the other cheek' but his choice words for religion and religious people made me seriously doubt that.

    1. ever heard of public servant (civil service)?

  5. This religion does things to your brain.