Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Hoping for a Balakong "Dunkirk"

MM Online - Straight fight in Balakong race:

location of Balakong (N27) within the Bangi federal constituency

BANGI, Aug 18 — The Balakong by-election will see a straight fight between the ruling Pakatan Harapan (PH) and Barisan Nasional (BN) next month.

DAP candidate and former Subang Jaya local councillor Wong Siew Ki filed her nomination papers at 9.13am, while MCA candidate Tan Chee Teong filed his nomination papers at 9.06am

Balakong by-elections candidates
Tan Chee Teong (MCA) (right) and 
Wong Siew Ki (Pakatan Harapan-DAP) (left) 

A by-election will be held on 8 September 2018 for the Balakong state constituency in Selangor which is one of the 3 state constituencies in the Bangi (old name Serdang) federal constituency.

Bangi is one of the EC's sardinized Cinapek-majority seat of almost 180,000 registered voters (compare that with Putrajaya's 18,000), a testimonial to the racist EC's power to make Putrajaya voters worth 10 times their weight & voice in Parliament of Bangi voters, ...

... or if you like, to make Bangi voters worth only one-tenth (1/10) of the weight & voice of the Putrajaya's pribumi voters in Parliament.

I wonder whether Mahathir's macai Ab Rashid Ab Rahman, a former EC Commissioner under the Mahathir earlier regime and the man just appointed to review his own work, wakakaka, will even do something about this lopsided election insult to Malaysians.

For more about this macai who as EC Commissioner had the racist mouth and rhinoceros-skinned hide to say "There is only one regime in this country that is capable of running (the country)”, please read Mahathir's old tricks to stay in power.

Bangi is held by my old matey Ong Kian Ming who won in GE14 with a 68,768 majority. Coincidentally, I found out on FB today that we have been FB friends for 11 years. Happy time when we started our friendship.

Ong Kian Ming 

The seat of Balakong became vacant after the sudden and tragic death of the late assemblyman, Eddie Ng Tien Chee on 20 July 2018 in a traffic accident on the Cheras - Kajang expressway.

the late Eddie Ng Tien Chee 

In the coming by-election, an ironical switch of party logos will happen on both sides. Previously MCA contested under the BN logo but will revert to its own party insignia in the Balakong by-election, that is, from coalition identity to party identity.

And DAP will move the opposite way, from party identity to coalition identity. This means that while previously DAP contested under its own party logo of The Rocket (and in GE14 under PKR logo), in the Balakong by-election, it will contest under the Pakatan Harapan new logo.

In GE14, in an electorate turnout of 54,384 in Balakong, the late Eddie Ng won 77.54% of the votes (41,768 votes), that was, with a majority of 35,538.

Mohamad Ibrahim Ghazali (PAS) came in second at 6,230 and Lim Chin Wah (BN-MCA) obtained 5,874

DAP has held Balakong since 2008.

I don't think there is any doubt as to which party will win the coming by-election, thus the contest will be more about a "Dunkirk" possibility for MCA.

The term "Dunkirk" plays on the British notoriety at turning military defeats into victorious events worthy of celebrations, wakakaka.

The most famous of all British defeat-into-victory 'stiff upper lip' bull has been Dunkirk, France in 1940. For more, see my post Victory from defeat.

British troops at Dunkirk awaiting boats to ferry them home  across the English Channel, whilst suffering Luftwaffe's Stuka dive-bombing attacks

MCA knows that Balakong will be another defeat as GE14 is too recent, and voters have yet to change their minds, that is, assuming they even want to change preference.

So the old Chinese-based party will be looking for:

(a) reduced majority,
(b) diminished turnout,

... to make hay out of a cloudy day. A reduced majority by the DAP candidate will be feted in a political-election propaganda that public confidence in the government is lost just three months after Pakatan has taken over federal and state government. It will be celebrated as MCA's "Dunkirk" etc, wakakaka.

Hadi Awang president of PAS, with a potential 6,000 plus votes in Balakong, has promised his party will support the MCA candidate but its numbers won't make any difference in the likely outcome. And I don't expect most PAS voters to follow their party president's promise to MCA, wakakaka.

MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong, aware of how much the Chinese Malaysian community is leery of the Islamist party and its hudud inclination, was a wee embarrassed, wanting to distance his party from PAS but yet not wanting to discount any teeny weeny itsy bitsy vote.

He said his party appreciated the show of friendship and support by PAS, but this does not meant the two parties were going to cooperate, wakakaka.

Just before I wait for a "Dunkirk" exhibition by MCA on 08 September 2018, wakakaka, I want to point out that out of a turnout of 
54,384 votes in Balakong in GE14, MCA's Lim Chin Wah obtained only 5,874 or approximately 11% of the total turnout.

by-election fate for MCA's Tan Chee Teong

This was more than what political observers said of Chinese support for DAP, actually 89% instead of just 85%. It'll be a long long while before MCA and Gerakan can hope for substantial support from the Chinese community.


  1. MCA is vicariously quite buddy-buddy with PUS nowadays.

    1. What is PUS? You mean PLUS highway?

    2. PUS is a vile, unpleasant smelling liquid produced by bacteria-infected tissue.

    3. reading comprehension, john, reading comprehension ! berapa kali kita mesti remind you ? ooops...forgot that you are afflicted with mud-packed-to-the-brim brain, wakakakkaka.

    4. @Monsterball
      That I agree. MCA is a PUS that is feeding of the host body UMNO. It no longer contributes to the health of the body therefore cut it out and the body goes back to pink health again.

      That party of spineless cowards is a drag and only deserves sympathy from PAS. They have forgotten their roots and what the Chinese community wanted, which are fighting dogs. Instead, they paraded poodles.

      As for JJ, I refuse to talk to a dedak-filled brain. Good day.

  2. Quite conveniently and very studiously avoided mention that the latest, most extreme sardinisation in Balakong and Bangi was , among other constituencies was the work of Najib's EC, the One Who Must Not Ever Be Held Responsible.

  3. I see this Tan fella is not the bulldog that they needed. Such a disappointment. He might as well stay hope cuz that DAP wallflower Ah Lian will eat him up for breakfast meal before election opens.

    If he was serious about his candidacy, he should take her to the cleaners for Eddie's incompetence of the many years he was MP. Whack her mercilessly until she breaks down and cry for Mommy or Papa LKS. That's what the Chinese community wanted. Not another scholar or businessman using Kungfu against opponents armed with machineguns. And what did he do? NOTHING! No flags at all, only PH flags are flying.

    A failure candidate, bred by a failure party. Even PAS has more votes, might as well straight fight by PAS instead.

  4. The Balakong voters asked the DAP candidate when road tolls would be abolished. Of course she can’t answer that. And furthermore she is running for a state seat, abolishment of tolls would be up to Parliament and the powerful MoF. But Guanee is showing yet again the reform he is undertaking. This time it is a more caring tax reform. Taxpayers who were cheated of their refunds over the last 6 years by the BN government can now offset from the 2018 assessment. With this additional tax relief the economy can be given a boost. Syabas.

    KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 22 ― The Pakatan Harapan government has agreed to allow taxpayers with outstanding tax refunds from the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) to offset the amount against the tax payable for the current year, Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng announced today.

    The offset application needs to be submitted to IRB for verification before approval while the remaining tax refunds will be carried out based on the government’s fiscal ability, the finance minister said in a statement.

    1. Foolish statement. All these while back taxes have been refundable and refunded promptly as long the bank account is active and current. Only for those small amounts ( <Rm20 iinm) will be offset in the system automatically when calculating next year taxation. It doesn't use a buggy Excel spreadsheet, mind you.

      What LGE saying, is what has been practiced all these while by the LHDN. Nothing to do but goreng old news that we already knew.

    2. "back taxes have been refundable and refunded promptly as long the bank account is active and current."

      Not if the claim of overpaid taxes triggered a Tax Audit.
      I can understand if the claim case was found to be unsupportable upon the Tax Audit.
      But there are many cases where even though the Tax Audit did not find any problems, no refund was made.

      A case of LHDN administratively acting beyond the law.

      The Najib Government was steadily becoming a rogue regime, without checks and balances.

  5. Dunkirk was followed by Normandy a couple of years later. But for MCA Balakong will be their Dunkirk, followed by their Waterloo.

  6. Balakong is not MCA’s Dunkirk. More like Custer’s last stand (Battle of the Little Bighorn). May lose deposit, again.

  7. MCA' historical equivalent is the Vichy French or Norway's Quisling.

    Waterloo is remembered for the courage and sacrifice on both sides.

    The Battle of the Little BigHorn, or Custer's Last Stand is still honoured in the US Army, and Custer's cavalry unit still exists today.

  8. You know what! I am hoping for the guillotine of najib and rosmah. And beheading of motherfucker cheebye kaytee but then it seems cheebye kaytee never understood that its the end of road for mca and umno.

    I wonder if we can identify the real location of kaytee property in australia, we can drop a minute nuke onto kaytee not just to ensure cheebye kaytee mampus.....his fucking area become desolate forever as a fucking lesson to other cheebye kaytee wannabe

    1. dei, I've told you before that I did NOT fCK yr mum so stop pleading to me as yr motherfucker in order to become my son

  9. This cheebye kaytee knows nuts about the previous adun. A conscientious worker who worked hard for his contituents. Eddie was practically died in action. And to fucking hell hand it over to fucking cheebye mca is fucking beyond logic sense.

    I say just sink mca by making sure mca lose deposit.

    I am hoping that liberal will lose by election triggering general election that sees the return of peter dutton

    And i love to see peter dutton personally deport kaytee cheebye mock back to that we can put kaytee in eternal purgatory.