Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Seat for Anwar Ibrahim

Both Princess Iron Fan and Princess Reformasi have stated they will NOT give up their federal seats for Anwar Ibrahim, husband and father respectively to the two princesses.


First with Princess Reformasi - she has a future in high level politics with enormous potential to be a future popular PM, thus I can understand why she won't give up her seat for her dad. In fcat I dare say Anwar has probably instructed daughter not to do so.

Princess Iron Fan? Is she worried that the moment she surrenders her seat to a by-election, Mahathir may give the DPM position to Azmin Ali? Wakakaka.

Quite frankly she should go as she is a USELESS minister.

So, who in PKR should give up their seat for Anwar to contest in a by-election a la the Kajang fiasco?

FMT reported:

Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin today brushed-off a fellow PKR MP’s claim that the party’s 51 elected representatives were prepared to give up their seat for Anwar Ibrahim.

“51 MPs prepared to make way? Permatang Pauh and Pandan already said no. So it’s wrong,” the outgoing PKR Wanita Chief told reporters after an event here, alluding to Nurul Izzah Anwar and Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

Zuraida was asked to respond to William Leong’s statement that 51 PKR MPs, including himself, would be willing to give up their seats for Anwar, who recently won the party presidency unopposed.

The three-term Selayang MP had also said a couple of days ago there would be no issue as Anwar would contest under the same flag

Zuraida of course is aligned alongside Azmin Ali and would dearly love to see the end of Anwar so that Boss Azmin can advance faster.

Zuraida loves and keeps very expensive cars

for more of Zuraida Kamaruddin, see my post 
Pakatan PM & DPM-designate by a PKR member 

Three weeks ago she was the one who urged her party not to prevent its members from challenging any party post, including the presidency - which will be contested by Anwar Ibrahim.

Then she effusively praised the capabilities of Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali sky-high, saying:

"Azmin is among the dynamic leaders who are capable of leading. This was proven in the previous Selangor administration, his current senior government portfolio as economic affairs minister proves his contributions will have a positive impact in our joint efforts to steer our beloved PKR ship."

"As such, PKR Women stresses that besides welcoming Anwar's offers to contest the presidency, the party must also respect its constitution in opening space for a contest in any position without any hindrance," she said in a statement last night."

No one had any doubt that she was already campaigning for Azmin Ali against Anwar Ibrahim.

Finally, there's talk of young lad Prabakaran giving up Batu for RM25 million a la Mrs Hee, formerly of Jelapang, wakakaka.

Prabakaran was an outsider until Tian Chua was disqualified by the naughty EC, and serendipitously won the Batu federal seat after Tian Chua "adopted" him politically.

But don't think that when Prabakaran submitted his application to be an independent election candidate in GE14 for Batu, his heart was with PKR or Pakatan.

I suspect he contested in Batu originally as an independent, possibly to split Indian votes from Tian Chua's expected booty. But thanks to the EC disqualifying, his fengshui bloomed like Rafflesia arnoldii, humongously but highly smelly.

Yes, let him resign from Batu to enable Anwar Ibrahim to contest in the subsequent by-election. At least in Batu, that is if Tian Chua don't owe his allegiance to Azmin Ali, no one can fCked around and sabotage Anwar's chances there.


  1. No need to worry for all PH MPs and no point speculating who should resign or show unrequited love to AI in his follow up steps to helm the PM post.

    So many MP posts from BN, PAS, PBB, PBS etc are going to be vacant sooner or later due to so many corruption scandals being investigated.

    What's the hurry? All within a 2 years time frame to be elected as MP for the PM post.

  2. Praba, bless his soul, should volunteer his Batu seat. It is close to Anwar’s house. Tian Chua should give way. Praba finish your education, you have a bright future.

  3. Anwar is urgently needed back in the saddle to balance Mahathir's power.
    There is no one else who can openly tell him "No" when he is clearly out of line.
    Everyone should know Mahathir without check and balance can be dangerous.