Thursday, January 05, 2006

Yasser Arafat laughing from his grave

Here’s something for those local Zionists who used to revel in bashing the late Yasser Arafat for his alleged corruption.

Israeli police has come across evidence that the family of Ariel Sharon has received a US$ 3 million bribe from one of Hitler’s countryman [Austria, not Germany]. The police have seized mobile phones and laptops from the family of the Israeli PM.

Incidentally in November 2005, Omri, one of Sharon's sons has pleaded guilty to the charges of providing false testimony and falsifying documents in a case linked to the financing of one of his father's leadership campaigns. He has resigned from the Knesset ahead of his sentencing on 23 January.

What a crushing revelation to our local Zionists that their hero Sharon has a family of crooks. And BTW, Yasser Arafat was heard laughing in his grave.

Ariel Sharon has had a massive stroke due to brain haemorrhage, and is undergoing an operation to drain blood from his brain. Observers suspect that it could have caused by the extreme stress he was subjected to as a result of his son's criminal conviction.


  1. This is not a relative thingie. Just because Sharon is dirty doesn't mean Arafat was clean or dirty. They are totally unrelated.

  2. If you read my posting carefully you would have noted that I made no such assumptions as you suggested. My point is about hypocrisy and glass houses.

    I am waiting to see a Zionist criticise the corrupt Sharon's family in the same way he would have pounced on any similar allegations about Arafat.