Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Blue Prince

The Chinese once referred to them as the Red Princes and Princesses, those children of the powerful Chinese Communist officials and ministers. Many behaved badly like their royal predecessors, thus perpetuating the dynastic line of ‘royal’ brats in China – hence princes and princesses, albeit of a red hue.

What about Malaysia then? But it wouldn’t do to refer to them as Red Princes and Princesses – too bloody communist! The 4 colours available to Malaysia are green, red, yellow and blue.

Calling a high ranking official’s son as a Green (for Islam) Prince may sound as if he’s a greenhorn, still wet behind the ears. We can’t have Red for the reason already explained, while Yellow would make him too cowardly, or worse, a Chinese. That leaves us with Blue – so Blue Prince shall it be. And Blue is appropriate too, considering Papa is at some hypoxic heights in the Home Ministry.

Our own Blue Prince has had a squabble with a Pakistani business man, or more correctly, a Malaysian citizen of Pakistani extract. Well, you know how some Malaysian men dislike Pakistani men, chiefly because they are alleged to be more handsome than Malaysians. Those too-handsome Paki men have been accused of sapu-ing (sweeping) the crème de la crème of our nice Muslim nyonya (ladies), and some non-Muslim ones too, away into their Imran-Khan-ish arms.

As if that was not bad enough, now, the Paki Malaysian bloke has annoyed our Blue Prince. He has lodged a police report regarding the involvement of Blue Prince in his unexplained and wrongful detention in the high security Immigration dungeon in Sepang. He was detained for 199 days as if he was an illegal immigrant when he possesses Malaysian citizenship, and have lived in Malaysia for 20 years. His passport and identity card are still being held by Immigration, even up to now after being finally released some months ago.

Now, why would Blue Prince be involved at all in such a thing? Was it an affair of the heart? Oh no, apparently, the Paki-Malaysian bloke found out that someone had committed CBT on his business account. CBT is of course criminal breach of trust, which we Malaysians are well acquainted with because we read of its occurrence rather frequently in the newspapers – well, only those that were reported anyway.

Someone, a business partner, took a few unauthorised dollars from the handsome Paki-Malaysian account, something to the tune of RM370,000, so he reported matter to police – remember CBT has the ‘C’ so it’s a police matter. Before he could say ‘Imran Khan’ he found himself in the lockup.

Then, surprise, surprise, Blue Prince visited him when he was behind bars. He is curious to know how a civilian like Blue Prince could enter the top security immigration detention centre in Sepang? During that meeting, Blue Prince threatened him with deportation unless he withdrew the police report about the CBT.

When the New Straits Times (NST) contacted Blue Prince, his royal highness couldn’t recall the visit to the Sepang detention centre.

NST also reported that Immigration Department enforcement chief Datuk Ishak Muhammad said there were numerous cases involving Pakistan nationals. He wasn’t sure which case would this one be, but promise to look into it. He averred that:

"We have had numerous legal suits filed for alleged wrongful detention ... including some from Pakistan nationals who claim they were born in Sabah."

Numerous legal suits for wrongful arrest? Interesting!

However, another senior Immigration official gave a nudge and a wink but didn’t want to say anything on record. Hmmm, I wonder why?

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