Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Interesting Immigration Incident Increasingly Intriguing

Earlier on, I blogged on the story of The Blue Prince, where a Malaysian businessman (so the bloke claimed) of Pakistani extract was unexplainably and unjustifiably detained by Immigration authorities for 199 days, and had his passport and Malaysian Identity Card (IC) confiscated. Apparently his misfortune began after he lodged a police report on a CBT case in his company. The 2 suspects including a business partner threatened to have him deported unless he withdrew the police report on the fraudent withdrawal of RM370,000.

While in the Immigration top security detention centre at Sepang he was shocked to receive a visit from the son of a senior official in the Home Ministry. How could the visitor access the high security complex? The visitor threatened him again with deportation unless he withdrew the CBT report.

OK, to cut the story short he made another police report about the threat by The Blue Prince after he was released in September, but his passport and IC remain still in the custody of Immigration authority.

As I mentioned, I found it rather strange that the New Straits Times (NST) would publish the story, and attribute it to what we Malaysians term 'sabo' (sabotage). To be more precise, I suspect it's political sabotage.

Before we could say ‘foul’, we read in the Star Online that Immigration 'sources' said a Pakistani syndicate has been selling forged Malaysian Identity Cards and even passports to other Pakistanis. We are also informed by Immigration that there were several cases of such fraud involving Pakistanis in Sabah. I wonder what Immigration 'sources' the Star had received the info from?

Then we learn, from the National Registration Department (NRD) that the Paki-Malaysian bloke who squealed about his illegal detention [BTW, his name is Salman Majid] has had his IC cancelled in 2001 because he didn’t obtained it properly in compliance with procedures.

BTW, which ministry does the NRD come under? OK, we ask a few more puzzling questions, please!

Bloke claimed he has resided in Malaysia for the last 20 years – please confirmed this? Is Salman Majid a citizen? If he is a citizen, why was he detained by Immigration?

If the IC was cancelled in 2001, meaning he's a dodgy bloke, why was he allowed to still live in Malaysia? According to him, he had been detained for 199 days in the Immigration detention centre in Sepang and released in September last year. That's 4 months ago! Why wasn't he deported then?

What about the police report of the CBT?

Then, when the NST contacted the Blue Prince, according to the NST, he didn't say he didn't know Salman Majid but rather he couldn't remember the encounter in the detention centre in Sepang. Does he know Majid, since Majid claimed he knows Blue Prince?

What the hell has been going on?

While as a Malaysian, I am keen to see any sinister syndicate dealing in fraudulent documents eradicated, I want to see due process that is transparent. I don't care about the UMNO elephant war games, but sang kancil as he may be, Majid deserves a hearing. Quite frankly, I don’t have much faith in our bureaucracy.

Oh, BTW, I searched in the NST today for Pakistani syndicates dealing in forged IC or the NRD stating it had cancelled Majid's IC, but saw no such information.

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