Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Penang Bomb Explosion - Bullet Casings Found

Penang has joined the dubious ranks of countries suffering from death caused by a homemade bomb, though police denied it has anything to do with terrorism. The police claimed that it was the work of amateurs, probably malicious business rivals.

Yesterday one man died and one other was injured in an explosion at Penang’s Prangin Mall. The explosion was originally attributed to an electrical switchbox exploding. But since then, police also found 4 bullet casings and more than 20 old nails of about 8 cm length each at the site.

Low powered as the bomb might have been, as police claimed, don’t the bullets indicate some form of links to terrorism? And why would business rivalry extend into murderous killing or maiming of members of the public? Chief Minister Koh Tsu Koon was rather hasty in averring the explosion was not a bomb!


  1. An eerie parallelism with the one in our ex-coloner?

  2. When Koh said it wasn't a bomb, was he ill advised, or was he shooting his own mouth? Where is he going to put his face now that the police has confirmed it was an explosive (amateur or otherwise).