Tuesday, January 31, 2006

India pulls back from being a US running dog

In my previous posting, India discovers no free ride from USA, I discussed the dilemma India has found herself in when she chose to cosy up to the USA. She has now realised that the US gives no free ride to would-be ally. If India desires US nuclear technology, she has to toe US foreign policy.

I lamented that India, as a founding member of the Bandung Conference, and a champion of the Non-Aligned Movement has to be confronted with such a crude threat from the US, namely vote with the USA in a US (and Israeli instigated) resolution to refer Iran to the UN Security Council for Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Indeed I had shaken my head at India’s political shift to a pro-US stand in my posting Has India Lost Its Soul?.

But now, notwithstanding that it's the Chinese Year of the Dog, India has now come back to say she won't be a US running dog, and will not vote for the US resolution against Iran because, regardless of her political assessment and position, any vote against Iran, after such a US threat, would be seen as being shamefully subsevervient to the USA. You bet!

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been under tremendous domestic pressure for his pro-US stand against Iran. The proud Indian public obviously cherish their 60 years of independence as a sovereign nation and resent any neo-colonialism.

Instead, India will now abstain like Rusia and China are expected to. India is backing a Russian compromise plan, already backed by China. under which Moscow would enrich Iranian uranium fuel.

But the most telling indication of India’s anger at US attempted bullying has been a remark by an unnamed Indian foreign ministry official, who said:

"We are still hoping the crisis won't go to a vote and Iran will get some more time to resolve it through talks. But if it does, then Ambassador Mulford has made it easy for us."

Mulford, the US Ambassador to India, had been the one who made the threat to deny India the promised US nuclear technology unless the subcontinent nation votes with the USA. Ambassadors don’t make such threats unless they have received instructions from Washington to do so.

Just another example of US crude bullying nature, and also an example of its continuing failed foreign policy.

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