Thursday, January 19, 2006

Malaysian Taliban-ish Peeping Toms

Malaysiakini reported a disturbing piece of news titled Islamic Snoop Squad. It said:

A squad of Islamic volunteers set up to catch amorous Muslim couples in Malaysia's administrative capital Putrajaya has come under fire, with a minister reportedly saying that it should be disbanded.

The squad was launched Monday by Putrajaya's Islamic Department to curb 'social ills' and persuade Muslims to behave, although it does not have the power to make arrests.

my underlining

What worries me are the following:

(1) … volunteers … Does this mean that they are vigilantes? In the earlier frontier days of the USA, where there was no law enforcement units (and sometimes even when there were), vigilantes caught, tried and hung their victims. Hope we aren't going down that way where such volunteers become a law unto themselves.

(2) … amorous … Please define this? How does untrained volunteers assess whether a couple has been amorous? Once the snooping - sanctioned by the religious affairs department - is allowed to start, those volunteers (even if trained) will indeed become a law unto themselves, as we had witnessed in the Zuok Club shame. These wonders will begin defining the meaning of amorous as it suits their personal interpretation, zeal, attitude, bias and enthusiasm.

(3) … social ills … ditto above - very subjective, thus dangerous and legally unacceptable.

(4) If those Malaysian Taliban do 'not have the power to make arrest', doesn’t this claim conflict with its role of ‘set up to catch’? Can amorous Muslim couple then tell those peeping toms to bugger off? Or, will the unfortunate couple be made to perform nude ear squats? I wouldn't be surprised at all to expect more disgraceful cases of moralistic terrorism a la the Zouk Club incident?

Minister in the PM's Department, Nazri Aziz has condemned the creation of bureaucratic peeping toms, especially after the Cabinet had already veto-ed the Mohd Ali Rustam government's attempt to do so last year for Malacca.

I really want to know who came up with this crazy idea, when there are far more important things to consider. Malaysia has evil crimes of rape, where our law enforcement system should be directed to deal with rape cases and rapists in this country.

In North Malaysia we just had a heinous crime where a young woman was raped by several men and then callously murdered, while in the South several men also raped an Indian national throughout the night after bashing her husband.

Instead we now see the stupid intention to launch oppressive persecution of members of the public for their expressions of affection for each other. The idea is disgusting and demeans the greater glory of the Islamic faith of compassion, charity and caring. The whole concept bespeaks a mind totally menyimpang (deviant) and bankrupt of religious values.

We don't need Talibans here!


  1. It is kind of frustrating isn't it?

    On one hand you see the authorities trying to curb social rot amongst the non practising 'Muslims' especially the ones frequenting Zouk and its likes!

    On the other hand we see people who are out to 'enjoin what's right and forbid what's wrong' from the Islamic point of view!

    'Peeping' upon the unmarried Malay Muslim couples is really not necessary as these couples won't repent and reduces the noble nature of those who wanted to stop the rot into as you mentioned 'Peeping Toms'!

    To do that is criminal and the best way is to approach such offenders the proper way that is to go advice and counsel rather than snoop and pounce upon the offending couples!

    Anyway, the problem is getting out of hand amongst the young urban Malays and you wouldn't believe what else these couldn't care less youngsters do these days!

    The Malaysian Muslim Authorities are truly facing a predicament!

    Its like the classic parable 'Ditelan mati emak ; diluah mati bapak!'

    If they act strictly, they get accused of being 'Taliban's ; if they let things be, they will be accused by people who treasure the fundamentals of the faith as useless fellows!

    As a non Muslim, you won't be able to really see their point, would you?

    Haiyaaaa,....manyak susah lah brader...

    I am sure you understand the hopeless situation here.

  2. If I were to get my way, I'd impose nothing but the death penalty carried out immediately after sentencing upon proven to be guilty as far as the rape cases are concerned!

    Innocent lives are ravaged by these animals and as you pointed out the case of the wife being gang raped before her husband, just imagine the eternal trauma the victims suffer throughout their lives!!!

    There must be no mercy for the bastard rapists whoever they are, young or old, poor or rich!

    To hell with the apologists and human rights hypocrites clamouring for 'justice' for the criminals!

    If they can rape, they are fit to be put to death when caught!!!

    Another thing I get so peeved about is the way these animals get to hide their ugly faces by pulling their shirts over their ugly mutts when the TV cameras are taking their bloody faces!

    The police should use the American style of handcuffing the criminals with the handcuffs chained to the chain attached to their feets so that these rubbish won't be able to hide their faces!!!

    Rapists must be chopped up and burnt, no matter what race or religion they are!!!

    Don't even feed their remains to the pigs!

    Pigs are nobler than these scum!!!

    Pigs maybe najis to us but these kind of rapist criminals are far worse than the oinkers!

    Bukit Aman must have a slot in the main TV News broadcasts and show the nation, the current Malaysia's Most Wanted with the mugshots of criminals at large and on the run from the PDRM!

    PDRM itself must spring clean the force from the corrupted police officers and throw them into the slammer when found guilty of abuse of position and power!

    Only then, will Malaysians respect the PDRM again for its image has been tarnished since late!

    Can they do it?

  3. mahaguru58, thanks for your viewpoints. I believe that shaping and guiding the behaviour of young people in a community is the responsibility of the parents, teachers (including the religious ones) and elders. Vigilante snoopers don't fall into any of these three resopected categories.

    We have seen how Jawi behave badly in the Zouk raid. Some people cannot handle power, and that's what occurred at Zuok or even in police station, or in rape cases.

    The common denominator is the uncontrolled exercise of power - the power to dominate the victims, whether those were/are apprehended young people misbehaving at nightclubs, or police detainees or in the extreme case of unfettered dominance, in a rape situation.

    Leave the guidance and counselling to the 3 respected categories, parents, teachers including religious teachers, and elders including spiritual ones. We don't need rambo-ish neo-Gestapo a la Zuok.