Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Moorthy's Widow Abandoned by Legal System

I am still pondering over the K Moorty saga, because I feel for the widow.

I ask the question that Malaysiakini’s reader Sadirah K asked in Authorities must inform family of conversion. Indeed, why wasn’t the late Moorty’s family notified that he had converted to Islam. Sadirah said that:

“To have kept this secret and to have now informed the widow is at best cowardice. This is also not in keeping with the spirit of the Islamic faith. All conversions must be communicated to all close relatives involved especially those who would be directly involved. ………. What is the point of asserting rights when the man has already died.”

The late Moorthy was an Armed Forces bloke, so why did the Army remained silent on his conversion until he was beyond questioning. And I do wonder why the Army, Jawi and the Syariah court had condoned an alleged Muslim being married to a Hindu? Does this case mean that it’s OK now for Muslims to have a non-Muslim wife or husband?

And while on the discussion of family, when Moorthy was in a state of paralysis and subsequent coma, who looked after him? Was it Jawi or his family particularly his widow?

Jawi made a grab for his body on the basis of his Army colleagues’ affirmation while choosing to ignore his widow, the woman who was married to, and looked after, him. The Syariah court heard only one side of the story, which doesn’t give non-Muslims much confidence. The civil court has been criticized by SUHAKAM’s chairman Abu Talib Othman for not doing its duty.

The civil court has abandoned a member of the public, who sought justice from it, to the Syariah court who in turn abandoned justice too for failing to conduct a balanced hearing.

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