Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ménage à Trois of 4

al Jazeera has reported that the Afghan government has accused Pakistan of abetting (training and equipping) Taliban suicide bombers. Those Islamist kamikaze blokes had killed 33 people in southern Kandahar province since Sunday.

Then it added what we all know – that Pakistan is sheltering and allowing senior Taliban officials on its soil. But it seems that in some cases the suicide bombers were even Pakistani nationals. This is new information though not totally unexpected.

Yesterday I posted in Pakistan's Dicey Ménage à Trois:
Pakistan worries over the US playing the India card against her higher interest. It views the growing cosiness between the USA and its archenemy, India, with increasing apprehension, which means that for her national interest, there is all the more reason for Pakistan to nurture its covert links with the Taliban, and to support the Islamist militants regain its pre-eminent position in Afghanistan.

Looks like Pakistan Ménage à Trois is really a group of 4, including Afghanistan.

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