Friday, January 27, 2006

Malaysian 'Cynics' will have 'Scenic' Bridge to Nowhere!

Amazing stuff.

The government is proceeding with a RM2 billion bridge that reaches half-way in the middle of the Johore Straits, the channel of water between Malaysia and Singapore.

The other 'half' will only be completed if the Singapore government agrees to the construction of its half, which up to now it has steadfastly refused to.

So what does one do with a half-way bridge, apart from entering the absurdity in the Malaysian Book of Records?

Another amazing Malaysian innovation!

To cover up the bloody uselessness of a bridge that ends abruptly in the middle of the Johore Straits, the AAB government who inherited the half-baked idea has renamed it as a ‘scenic’ bridge, implying it’s not going anywhere except for viewing purposes in the middle of a nowhere channel. That’s where our tax money of RM2 Billion is going.

But Dr Mahathir Mohamad has expressed his delight that the construction of the ‘scenic’ bridge is going ahead. He said one can’t wait forever for the Singapore to agree. Does this mean that he’s virtually admitting the bridge will never be completed?

It’s a bit like the Penang problem of PORR, where a humongous expensive construction must proceed for construction sake rather than public benefit. The developers must not be let down.

Mahathir wonders why the government has called it the ‘scenic’ bridge when he reckons it ought to be titled ‘cynic’ bridge instead, perhaps sarcastically commenting on the lack of Singaporean cooperation.

But Mahathir may not be far off with his counter-proposal of the bridge's description. Maybe he has in his subconscious a faint awareness that the long suffering Malaysian taxpayers are by now definitely cynics as to good government governance in Malaysia and the billions he had wasted.


  1. Ali, you're off on the wrong track. The issue is not about an uncooperative Sing government. I'll blog on that separtely.

    The issue here is about wasting Malaysian money, RM2 billion worth, and for what, other than an incomplete bridge that cannot serve any useful transportation link without the other side joining up half-way.

    Is it good governance to waste taxpayers money on such a absurb project?

    However, I agree with you that the Sings should stay on their side of the border and not come across, which is all the more good reason not to build any bridge.

    The crooked or scenic or cynic or bullshit brdge is not acceptable and a sheer profligate waste of money. But our Malaysian government has a notorious record of throwing good money after bad, and I predict it will build another >RM2 billion half-way bridge beside the coming one, joining both so that any traffic can make a U-turn back to Johore.

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  3. This is ridiculous. The reason the bridge is "scenic" (curving like a snake, in other words) is because it needs to join up with the Singapore half of the causeway without crossing into non-Malaysian waters. Here's a description of how it'll work.