Saturday, January 07, 2006

Chariot Charade of the Gods

The Squatgate-related story on the Internal Security Ministry's hounding of China Press thus far:

It seems that China Press despatch of 2 editors to Purgatory was not good enough for the Internal Security Ministry, which wanted them completely sacked (to the media Hell). Malaysiakini reported:

“The powerful Internal Security Ministry is satisfied with the axing of China Press’ two top editors for a mistake in its report on the nude-squat scandal and will not mete out further punishment to the newspaper.”

“It is learnt that the ministry was not satisfied with the termination of the two top editors and had wanted to impose a temporary suspension on the evening edition of the Chinese-language newspaper.”

my underlining

Axing is bloody good (pun intended) as blood flows, while termination means only a temporary bloodless move sideways. The gods are thirsty and blood was required, and indeed have now been shed as votive offerings.

Malaysiakini also quoted the Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia report yesterday that the apology published by China Press’ apology - “its Nov 23 edition had wrongly claimed the nude woman in the ear-squat video clip scandal was a Chinese national ..… that two senior China Press editors take full responsibility for the mistake, ….. and that China Press also tender our deepest apology for the mistake and inconvenience caused due to this report ... blah blah blah" - was actually drafted by the Internal Security Ministry, who faxed it across to China Press for publication.

Hmmm, just a quick reminder of human sacrifices from the web with some KTemoc-ish editing:

“The Aztecs news media thought their gods would turn against them if they were not given human sacrifices. For example, they believed that if the sun Internal Security god were not fed human hearts and blood of out-of-favour editors, the sun licence to publish would not rise and the newspaper world would end in disaster. The Aztecs news media believed that their special purpose in life was to delay that destruction publishing suspension. They sacrificed to the Internal Security gods to avoid destruction suspension for as long as possible.”

Only one thing extra required when in Malaysia - the gods would also tell you how to chant the sacrificial mantra. It's the Chariot charade of the Gods.

China Press makes sacrifices to Gods

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