Tuesday, January 31, 2006

US evangelists: "Screw democracy"

US evangelicals and parliament members said they oppose a Hamas government. They also remarked that it didn't matter that Hamas was elected democratically - and this from Americans!

Rebecca Brimmer, president of Bridges for Peace, an Evangelical Christian organization that helps Jews immigrate to Israel, told the Israelis "We must not forget we have joint enemies."

The Israelis have been absolutely delighted but gave the game away as to why US Christians, who’s supposed to turn the other cheek as well as support democracy, are aggressively opposing a domocratically elected Hamas- givernment, by saying "It's openly a holy war against both our faiths [meaning Judeo-Christianity]. And they (Hamas) want to keep the most important Christian holy places in their hands. This is a death threat to our civilization, to our religions."

Well, that’s certainly a well-placed Israeli comment as it’s sure to whip up the froth and foam of the US rightwing Christians into supporting the Hebrews (Israelis) against the Canaanites (Palestinians). Afterall, the infamous Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson had opined that the massive stroke Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered was divine retribution for his pullout from Gaza last summer. Hallelujah!

Now, we know why Bush has been against the democracy he wanted for the region, amply demonstrated by the Palestinians, to the extent he’s punishing those Palestinians for their democratic practices by cutting off aid to the Palestinian Authority.

Aah! Democracy, thou faithless whore!


  1. How can one support a government where their platform is to destroy another country? U're saying that US and the rest of the world should continue to give aids to Palestine even after they openly admitted to wanting to destroy Israel?

  2. Quote
    How can one support a government where their platform is to destroy another country?

    Agreed. How can Hamas recognise an Israel that is hellbent on destroying it, and equally hellbent on denying the Palestinians their Statehood?

  3. How is Israel hellbent on destroying Palestine? If they wanted to, they can easily wipe Palestine off the face of the planet without much effort considering their military might and technology. Palestine wants Jerusalem which is now the capital of Israel and the only way that is going to happen is to destroy Israel.

  4. You need to read your ME history and politics. You also need to understand Israel don't need to eliminate the Palestinian people. The preferred (and palatable to the West) option is to keep those Palestinians stateless and in perpetual bondage, which has been the lot of the Palestinian people.