Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mayor: "Death Site Contractor Complied with Regulations"

OK, I missed this in the NST on Monday but the firm involved is MWE Advance Structure Sdn Bhd, a unit of listed group MWE Holdings Bhd but I note that The Star still hasn't mentioned its name. Apparently the company had a safety rating of D, just one rung off E, the lowest rating by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health. If this serial offender has a D, I dread to think what E companies must be like.

This is the part where the Kuala Lumpur Mayor attempted to close the stable door after the horse has kicked someone to death. He has ordered DOSH to check all construction sites, and revoke the licence of developers, contractors, sub-contractors and even crane operators found negligent. Malaysia Boleh!

But what about MWE Advance Structure Sdn Bhd?

Mayor Ruslin Hassan said that investigations showed the company had adhered to building regulations. Indeed, and how did the late Dr Liew die? Maybe of a heart attack? Maybe of old age?

Ruslin said that the relevant regulation required a building to be constructed 8 metres from the fence and a few additional metres from the road reserve, and wow fantastic, he has been informed that the company had complied with the 8m regulation because the overall clearance distance has been 14 metres.

Maybe some f**king idiot shove the 2,000 kilogrammes of mould forward to fall down beyond the 14 metres?

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