Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Amusing Blog Comments on Anwar Ibrahim

Over at Malaysia-Today blogsite, there is a post on The Sun’s article about 1,000 MCA members join keADILan.

I am not entirely surprised as this is a fairly typical political scene in Malaysia, where ship jumping is common for either ambitious blokes who found that they won’t be nominated by their party as candidates for the next election, or unfortunate members who found out that they are Camp B.

But I was more amused by the comments of one of the readers, who called himself (or herself) lopezsequiera. I have extracted his/her amusing comments to share with you – for his/her full comments read this. He/she said:
Anwar may have a notorious track record as a racist and religious bigot. But now he has shown he is prepared to change and chart a multi-racial course like what Datuk Onn Jaafar did but failed in the 1950s because conditions were not suitable then.

I couldn't believe my eyes - he/she said Anwar has a notorious track record as a racist and religious bigot. Whoa whoa whoa! Now, KTemoc may be a wee sceptical of Anwar for the reason I think he’s a bit too smarmy for my taste, but I wouldn’t go as far as to accuse Anwar of those things! Then he/she went on:
But now with the 21st century, all Malaysians are prepared to accept a multi-racial Malaysian society. The only way Malaysians of all races can make Anwar give up his racial and religious bigot background is to support him wholeheartedly in making Keadilan work as a multi-racial party to form the
future govt of Malaysia.

Wow again! Now it seems that the only way we can make a racist and religious bigot change is by supporting him wholeheartedly! What a great solution.

Maybe we ought to apply this formula to Ahmad Abdullah Badawi or Nik Aziz or Lim Kit Siang?


  1. Well said KT. For what it's worth, Anwar is yet to be implicated as a racist or religious bigot. He of course has defended his position within race and religion issues, but that does not make him a bigot. It is merely, at the very least, political posturing on his side. I too remain unconvinced as yet of KeADILan under Anwar's leadership — when he does take over — but said comment was truly off the mark. Political commentors should learn not to shoot from the hip and garner a little common sense so they do not look too stupid.

    Good observation on your part.

  2. Ali said "Probably he is keeping his options open for other possibilities?

    You're perceptive! ;-)

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