Sunday, January 22, 2006

King Sabo

PM Ahmad Abdullah Badawi stated that with the withdrawal of the offending memo by the 9 non-Muslim Ministers, as far as he was concerned, the issue has been resolved and that there shouldn’t be any more grounds for debate or quarrel:

His deputy, Najib said: “Although their intention was noble, it could lead to a wrong interpretation. At Cabinet meetings, our non-Muslim colleagues can give their views on matters affecting their communities. Alternatively, they can meet or write to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. By adopting these methods, we can avoid negative perceptions or misinterpretation among the public."

Noble! Wow!

[mind you, this was from the MCA's Star Online, so take it with a pinch of salt]

Looks like all have been forgiven, though not if PAS can help it.

But wait …….. someone is not happy and doesn’t want the matter closed. In fact, this bloke wants the 9 Ministers who signed the memorandum to resign from the Cabinet. And it’s not PAS or any UMNO ultras!

Guess who?

It’s none other than Kayveas, boss of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP). Yes, sir, it's that Kayveas again.

For a start, he’s really really pretty pissed off that the PPP was not consulted nor part of the 9 signatories. Of course when asked whether that upset him, Kayveas must have shouted “Negative!” though he admitted: “The ministers also did not ask PPP’s stand on this.”

And with that, he had no other choice than to follow up with “I disagree with the ministers submitting the memorandum to the Prime Minister.”

Yes, poor Kayveas would be damn insulted that the MCA, Gerakan, MIC had considered him too small a fry to be included in the Memorandum Gang of 9. I bet he must be still fuming privately that he wasn't recruited as No 10.

But he’s a bit unwise asking for them to be sacked because his Taiping seat is very much dependent on Gerakan’s goodwill and support. If we remember, in the last election, he was crying out loud that the other parties had ignored and not helped his campaign. Showing childish tantrum against Lim Keng Yaik may be foolish if he wants to retain his Taiping seat.

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