Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Japanese Tourists in Australia

Definitely an affluent but unsocial society.

Japanese tourist to Australia would pick up some Aussie mangos at the Brisbane airport on their way home. The specially grown and treated mangoes, designed specifically for Japanese tourists, are packaged in boxes of 3’s or 6’s.

Don’t bother about buying them, unless you’re an affluent Japanese as well, because each pack of 3 costs Aus $ 67.50, making EACH mango priced at $22.50 – you work it out to see how much it costs in ringgit, but I have approximated it as RM 63

BTW, if you're an Aussie and smiling because you think Oz is making big money out of the Japanese, think again mate. While the mango company is in Australia, it’s Japanese owned.

A large percentage of Japanese tourists come to Australia on tour packages owned by Japanese companies, by Japanese airlines, disembark to stay in Japanese owned hotels, shop under conducted tours of Japanese owned shops, visit Japanese owned tourist spots and of course eat and drink mainly Japanese food and beverages at Japanese owned restaurants, and chitchat/transact completely in Japanese.

And Japanese pensioners can even retire in warm sunny Queensland in Japanese owned and managed Senior Folks Retirement Villages, and enjoy ............... shall I continue? But I reckon you have the idea now of the practical side of Japanese worldviews. One day maybe they might even own Queensland, the home state of Pauline Hanson. ;-)

I wonder why the Japanese bother to leave Japan?

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  1. because it's cheap. A little bit of yen travels a long way. Also, their perceived insularity is mostly derived from a general inability to speak the lingua franca (english). It certainly isn't for a lack of trying either: somehow the quality of english instruction in Japan is somewhat lacking. Once you get past the language barrier, you'll find that they aren't that different from you and me.