Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sack Judge in Moorthy's Case?

Hindu anger over the perceived robbing of M Moorthy’s corpse has not been forgotten or forgiven. The Hindu community lays the blame on the civil court judge and has petitioned the King to sack judge Raus Sharif.

The Hindu Rights Action Force said:

“The presiding judge, by refusing to dwell in the said matter has effectively failed to exercise his legitimate right as an umpire conferred upon him by the Federal Constitution. In our opinion this is nothing but a serious misconduct on the part of the judge.”

Much as I sympathise with them, I doubt there will be any chance of that happening. But I believe the judiciary has been in bad shape ever since a former Lord President was subjected to the unacceptable, humiliating, and 'conflict-of-interest-ridden' disciplinary judgment by his own subordinate.

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