Friday, January 13, 2006

BREAKING NEWS - 345 killed in Hajj Syaitan ritual

Saudi ambulances at scene of deadly crush - source: Sydney Morning Herald

It has happened again, with the stoning of the Syaitan ritual.

345 pilgrims have been crushed to death when thousands rushed to perform the jamarat ritual, the symbolic stoning of the devil during the hajj.

Many pilgrims carry their personal effects with them as they move between the various stages of the hajj. When they tripped over some luggage, they created a pileup followed by the deadly crush. The horrible result has been the terrible deaths of 345 pilgrims.

Last year the same tragedy occurred where 3 died and 500 were injured.

In a previous posting I pondered over the annual deaths at the pilgrimage associated with the jamarat ritual and wondered whether stoning Syaitan was a dangerous provocation against the Evil One? On the surface of it, the ritual seems to be.

The Saudi Red Crescent announced that another 1,000 pilgrims had been injured. The deaths were so numerous that lines of bodies covered with sheets were laid out on stretchers on the pavement. I hope no Malaysians have been involved.

Witnesses said at the terrible moment the scene were filled with horrible blood-chilling screaming. The pilgrims were jumping all over each other, and the bodies kept piling up. Apparently, apart from last year’s death, 244 peope were also killed in in 2004 and a humongous 1426 likewise in 1990.

This latest tragedy has followed closely the recent Mecca hostel colapse where 4 Malaysians were killed with 5 others injured.

Today is coincidentally Friday 13th!


  1. Please be informed, it happened on Thursday 12th Jan, most probably after 1pm.. nothing to do with the 13th Friday. newspaper's report? yeah today 13th Friday

  2. to know more about The Superstition Behind Friday the 13th, check this:

  3. I personally feel that allowing 2.5 million pilgrims into the stoning area is asking for tragedies like these to happen.

    The Saudi Arabian government should reduce the number of pilgrims being allowed into the holy lands to about 1.5 million people for every year.

    Those who have performed their Hajj should not be allowed to return to Makkah for the next 3 or 5 years.

    Priority should be given to first timers and all the relevant governments of countries sending their pilgrims for the annual Hajj should organise their pilgrims along the lines of what Tabong Haji has been doing.

    Compared to other nations of the world, Malaysia has a fair track record of being able to organise and care for its pilgrims in a much better way than those from Turkey,India, Bangladesh,Pakistan and other nations.

    It is sad to see people who have saved up all their lives end up crushed and stomped to death in the holy lands for the sheer reason being ; too many humans crammed into a limited spaced area.

    The Devil must be laughing out loud to see those who are supposed to be purifying their souls end up stomping others to death to save their own selfs!

    But then again, I think it's not fair on us to blame each and every evil upon the Devil!

    Hell, it's the devil in each and everyone of us who becomes the 'Kiasu King or Queen' when push comes to shove- pun intended!

    Personally, I don't like my sins to be attributed to Mr.Syaitan Incorporated.

    I say it's my fault entirely for all the sins I have knowingly committed.

    Repentance is my way out but whether Allah the Almighty accepts my asking for His Forgiveness is entirely up to Him!

    My advice to the Saudi Arabian Government is implement strict quotas on the pilgrims coming in.

    Too many pilgrims as in this years chapter is just akin to 'You Asked For It' the reality version.

    Hell, I get claustrophobic even at KLCC or in Midvalley! We are talking about 2 and a half million people crammed up in constricted spaces here.

    May their souls rest in peace. Amin.