Friday, January 06, 2006

Sharon Suckered Bush

Read this to understand how a wily experienced Ariel Sharon manoeuvred and manipulated President Bush on the US Middle East policy to ensure Israel gets what it wants and the Palestinian State, if it ever materialises, remains truncated and never contiguous.

It’s a scheming story of a politically brilliant Sharon and a continuing injustice for the Palestinians – that’s why there won’t be peace unless the USA plays a fairer and unbiased role.


  1. I thought the Bush team (Cheney, Karl Rove) was the most successfully devious in the world. It's genius actually to con 300 million of its citizens and an entire world. But now there's someone more devious?!

    How about this: the American govt are Israel sympathisers (as they always have been, providing billions of weapons of destruction and financial aid over decades), and they weren't manipulated. They know exactly what they are doing to give their friend Sharon what he wants.

  2. Bush team didn't convince ALL Americans (and definitely not the world), but enough to win two elections, especially the 2nd term which was utterly devious and vile.

    But Sharon is more devious - he has a more powerful weapon than the Americans - the Western guilt at the memory of the Holocaust.

    He used a combination of this guilt (so that Westerners dare not criticise any Israeli atrocities or aggressions) and the fundamentalist belief of some American Chriatians (that Jesus returns in the Final Reckoning ONLY when the Hebrews occupy the Holy Land again) to seize and steal land from Palestinians without fear of criticism let alone persecution.

    In that regard, you are partly correct that Bush did what he wanted for the fundamentalist Christians but he was conned and lied to by Sharon for more.