Monday, January 30, 2006

Europe salved their guilt at Palestinian expense

Ehud Olmert, Israel's acting Prime Minister has blocked $46 million that were due to be handed over to the Palestinian Authority on Wednesday. The blocked funds were revenue from sales tax and customs duties levied on imported products coming into the Palestinian territories and transiting Israel.

Despite Olmert’s argument that Israel fears the funds could be used to finance Hamas activities against Israel, it does show the unjust absurdity of a situation where the Palestinians not only have their homeland robbed plot by plot by an invasive Jewish people from Europe, but now suffers the indignity of the invaders holding back their due money.

It is not unlike an apathetic neighbourhood sitting back idly watching a home invader take over someone’s home and hold back the owner’s purse.

It's a fact that for 2,000 years there was no Jewish identity in Palestine. It's also another fact that for 1,200 the Palestinians were domiciled in that strip of land now called Israel - a land that was stolen from them by guile, force, treachery under the arrogant expediency of British politics.

But all those matter not since 50 odd years ago, when a guilty Europe sent their conscience away into Palestinian land, in effect starting a new form of genocide against the Palestinian people.

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