Saturday, July 07, 2018

Pakatan Euphemisms

MM Online - Putrajaya mulling 18 as minimum marriage age (extracts):

when I stop fanning my magic fan, it's 'go' (to bull) 

KUALA LUMPUR, July 7 — Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said the government is in the midst of deliberations on raising the minimum age for marriage for both genders to 18 years and the decision on the matter will be finalised in the very near future.

Dr Wan Azizah, who is also Women, Family and Community Development Minister, said several ministries and government agencies had also began playing their roles in studying the matter.

“This is in line with the Pakatan Harapan’s manifesto to raise the minimum age for marriage to 18 for both genders,” she said in a statement last night.

Last Saturday, the report on the marriage of a 41-year-old local man with an 11-year-old Thai girl went viral on social media and triggered an outrage among the public.

The dictionary tells us that 'mulling' means:

... to think about carefully; consider.

A few days ago, Mahathir said he would think about eradicating or amending the NSC. He is no doubt also mulling about the BTN, wakakaka.

As I had written, specifically on Mahathir's 'mulling', it means he won't do it.

It's what the English language termed it as a 'euphemism' which in turn means 'the substitution of a mild, indirect, or vague expression for one thought to be offensive, harsh, or blunt'.

Thus 'thinking about it' is as good as saying 'no, I won't abolish the NSC or my BTN'except he didn't need to say 'no' to the goofy gullible guppies, wakakaka.

And in turn, that's like Princess Iron Fan effectively saying 'Hard core middle-age Muslim men won't like me banning their marriage to 11-year old girls'.

She has waved her magic fan and perhaps said 'NO' to any new marriage laws for underage Muslim sweeties?


  1. Hahhahahaha.....magic fan....kaytee....oh what a god....kaytee the ganesah hah....

    Kaytee should ask himself the same question....what is euphemism? Hahahaha

    Meanwhile i propose kaytee to listen dinge dong.....and fuck the cheebye off the blogsphere

  2. Out in the boondocks of Sarawak long houses , villages on the foothills of the Main Range , there are still Bona Fide marriages of 17-year or even 16- old girls (not 11-year old girls to lecherous middle-aged men).

    Kak wan is speaking as a Federal Minister, and she is right. Tighten the rules, ensure proper vetting of the circumstances, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    Ktemoc just wants to Hentam Oak Wan whichever way possible, after waking up from his 10-year coma with Najub.

    1. Kaytee boh hut to show his face....ah so....kaytee can kenna killed slowly for we all care

    2. suddenly I recall who your father was in Ayer Itam - he used to sell yong tow fu, with you stealing his kitty box and him cursing you ("lay" lu)

  3. Besides Tommy, Amar Singh and MACC chief, Najib should also think about/mull/consider suing TDM for publicly denouncing him, Arul Kanda, past CEO and Board of Directors of 1MDB and SRC for not doing their jobs properly and letting him take all the blame.


  4. Ahjibkor's backlash of denials, suing back, pretending innocence and the vain attempts by his supporters to raise funds for his bail, raising Malay's emotions by uttering racial and religious issues, creating hatred and destabilizing voter's confidence in PH Govt etc are all typical attitudes and characters found among unprincipled crooks caught red handed stealing, robbing, cheating, lying, manipulating and abusing their powers etc.

    The only way out of this is to be even harsher in dealing with all these instigators using all the laws enacted during the BN rule which were used on critics and opponents and then reforming the laws once all the instigators and supporters are quelled.

    That will ensure that BN will disappear forever in Malaysian history and never to rise again via their twisted logic and sense of governing a country.

    And let PH Govt. rule and lead Malaysians for the next 60 years or so to prove Malaysia is indeed a civilised, democratic, humane, developed country.

    That is no Euphemisms. All straight to the Point.

  5. mulling is still much better than silence, like umno or being honest, like pas that indulge in paedophile.