Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Will Nurul Izzah do a 'Mahathir'?

Malaysiakini - Zaid wants Nurul Izzah to slay southern giant in GE14 (extracts):

Zaid Ibrahim is confident that PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar can dethrone Umno's seven-term Johor Bahru MP Shahrir Samad.

In a blog post this morning, the former law minister claimed that Umno's support in Johor is diminishing at a rapid pace.

“Johor Bahru is their fortress but, as I said two weeks ago, Johor Bahru is vulnerable, even though Shahrir won the parliamentary seat in 2013 with a majority of about 10,000 votes,” he added.

With the right candidates, Zaid believes that Johor Bahru and southern Johor can give Pakatan Harapan the opportunity to capture the state.

“That is why I suggested to Nurul Izzah that since Harapan had allotted Johor Bahru to PKR, she should go there – she would win against Shahrir (photo),” said the former Umno MP, who is now a DAP member.

Nurul is in serious danger in Lembah Pantai. Apart from BN's Raja Nong Chik increasing his popularity among the poorer residents in that constituency (Nurul  has appeal in the better-off sector), the EC re-delineation exercise will put her chances for GE14 in peril.

There has been strong rumours she will take over her mum's seat in Permatang Pauh. Though she might have said she is committed to defending her Lembah Pantai seat, she qualified that by adding that the party leadership had the final say on this matter, meaning she may be "required" by her party to migrate north to Permatang Pauh.

But OTOH, she has nothing to lose by picking up Zaid's recommendation to stand in Johor Baru against Shahrir Samad since she is likely to lose in Lembah Pantai. Of course she may decide to stand in Permatang Pauh which by now may also be perilous as PAS will play spoiler there. 

Or, thinking laterally, she could do a Mahathir and seek polling safety in a constituency with more pro-Pakatan Chinese, like Batu, wakakaka. Well, Tian Chua will be disqualified anyway to stand in GE14 unless he wins his appeal against a RM3000 fine for "Tiu-ing Nia Mah" at a cop, wakakaka.

some of us Pribumi people like constituencies with at least 40% Chinese. Strangely, PAS also wants that, and so do PKR and Amanah.

In earlier days, UMNO under Mahathir loved that.

Bloody Chinese King-Makers, wakakaka.

By the by, there is also Pandan as Rafizi Ramli has been disqualified, though I am sure she'll have a greater chance of winning if she stands in Batu.


  1. or she can do a lge, a leader from a multi-racial party that only dare to contest in a chinese majority constituency.

    1. my proposal

      Azmin and (previously) Anwar from a so-called multiracial party contested respectively in Gombak and Permatang Pauh. Those 2 constituencies must be examples of true multiracialism your party claims to be

    2. so, whats the diff btw dap n pkr?

    3. I'm not sure of Gombak , but Permatang Pauh is a true cross-section representative of Peninsular Malaysia.
      70% Malays, 23% Chinese, 6% Indians.
      Yes , PKR is a true multiracial party, while DAP, in reality a Chinese party, can only win in Chinese majority seats.

  2. I can 90% confirm she will not contest in Lembah Pantai and instead send in a guy named Fahmi something or something, to replace her.

    What she did won't work a 2nd time.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day Nurul Izzah..


    1. "Muacks, hepi BFF valentine day" from Your Highness Jacel Kiram (Future ruler of Southern Province of North Borneo)

    2. The diehard provocatuer of sins-visited-upon-the-children!

      Learnt from KT, mom? Or u guys r been given the same script to propagate?


      Freedom of choice?

      No such luck, when yr old man is a known villain le!