Monday, February 26, 2018

Minister Nazri hits below the belt with pondan call

Malaysiakini - Contest in GE14, don't be a 'pondan' – Nazri opens fire on Kuok (extracts):

Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz is the latest Umno leader to train his guns on billionaire Robert Kuok.

Speaking to Malaysiakini, he challenged the 94-year-old tycoon, who is based in Hong Kong, to return to Malaysia and contest in the coming general election.

“Don't be a 'pondan' (effiminate). Don't be a hen (ayam betina) which hides behind the wall in Hong Kong,” said the Padang Rengas MP, who is known for not mincing his words.

Minister Nazri - he's such a character with colourful language.

Sometimes I liked him eg. when he defended Eli Wong (PKR) in her moment of greatest need some years ago whilst her own PKR so-called leaders either wanted her to resign, disappear or just die;

... when he took a brave stand in opposing the death penalty considering he lives amidst conservative Islamic society;

... when he declared himself "Yes, I am a Malaysian first and Malay next. Does any bigot have a problem with that?'",

... when he dared to call Mahathir a racist in December 2008, etc. 

The Sun Daily reported on 10 Dec 2009:

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz lashed out at former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad today, calling him "the father of all racism."

Responding to Dr Mahathir's urging to him (Nazri) to quit Umno because it is a racist party, Nazri told reporters in Parliament today:

"He’s saying I’m in a racist party, so he confirms what I said about him. If he says I’m in a racist party because I’m a member of Umno, then he’s the father of all racism, (as) he was the president of Umno for 22 years."

"As the ex- PM, he should give better suggestions. I feel sorry for him. Please do not think I’m being disrespectful but if he’s free to comment on us; then he must accept the fact that he’s open to criticism also," said Nazri who also affirmed that he will not resign from Umno.

"What for? I’m not going to give him the pleasure.... of resigning to make him happy because I’m not stupid to fall into his trap," said Nazri.

Both Nazri and Mahathir have been at loggerheads over the Biro Tata Negara (BTN) or National Civics Bureau which drew flak from various quarters over its curriculum which allegedly cultivated racism instead of the intended purpose of nation building.

On Monday, Nazri had called Mahathir a "racist" for defending BTN courses which the Cabinet had announced would be revamped in line with the 1Malaysia policy mooted by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak.

Sometimes I disliked him eg. when he called Dr Pornthirp a liar.

BTW, do DAP members, especially Lim Kit Siang still remember Dr Pornthirp, wakakaka.

C'mon Uncle Lim, try lah! Here's a photo to help you as I am aware that Cina tua mudah lupa.

There were many other incidents which drew my ire. Martin Jalleh wrote (just extracts):

In June 2006, Nazri misled parliament into believing that there “is no basis for the allegation of corruption in the judiciary as contained in a letter written by former High Court judge Datuk Syed Ahmad Idid (for) the case has been investigated by the Government, the ACA and the AG” (Star, 28 June 2006). The judge who resigned in 1996, wrote a 33-page letter highlighting corruption, abuse of power and personal misconduct in the judiciary.

Contrary to what Nazri had claimed, Syed Idid in a NST interview (11 June 2006) revealed that the allegations were “never really investigated”. This was confirmed by a former Attorney-General, Abu Talib Othman (Mingguan Malaysia, 4 June 2006) who added that “on the other hand, the poor judge who wrote it was investigated”.

In July 2006, Nazri conveyed a false sense of security in Sabah when he told parliament that the presence of foreigners, including those with IMM13 documents, do not cause social, security and economic problems in Sabah. A leader of the Sabah Progressive Party (then a member of BN) said “it would be better for him (Nazri) to keep his mouth shut”.
But his recent abuse of Robert Kuok has been too much and too ugly. Challenging a 94-year old Malaysian to contest in GE14 and then abusing him for being a pondan for not doing so is vile, obscene and crazy.

And all for what? Just on the basis of an allegation that Robert Kuok has been funding the DAP. And if he did, so what!

Besides, which 94-year old man wants to stand as a candidate in GE14?

I have the uncomfortable feeling that Minister has a Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde personality, wakakaka.


  1. Nazri is a loose cannon who shoots off his big mouth,without even using the dumb brains he has in his head.Robert Kuok is a businessman.Businessmen everywhere support political parties.Whether they are ruling or opposition.They always hedged their bets,even if they know that the ruling party is most likely to win.Sometimes,they even bet on three horses.

    That is a cheap price tp pay for doing business,that is if the political cronies do not come knocking at your office doors or homes demanding more payoffs.But whether Robert Kuok bets on two or more horses,maybe Nazri should have a sit down and personally ask him,instead of believing every word Botak prints on his blog.

    Then Nazri,being a politician and minister should know that in a democracy,anyone can support financially to one,two or even ten parties.Being a dumbass as he is,maybe he did not even have an iota of an idea?

  2. Nazri is one smart politikus.

    He ONLY accused RK after pinklips started his attack.

    If u trace back all the incidents u mentioned, concerning him, u would notice that he was not the first barking dog. He chose his time & place to came blasting with vomits - thus buying the admirations of either sides!

    That's the ONLY reason that he can last for such a long time despite of

    1) sapu-ing majority of the wilayah taxi permits & renting them out

    2) his sons murder case in NFS

    3) his openly alibaba-ism with one Sabah Cinapek

    4) his hanky-panky pilferages with the tourism boards allocations


    The boss needs smart attacking dog to do his betting le.

  3. Methinks the whole latest brouhaha came about because of the book written Robert Kuok. Among the contents in the book, there's one recounting of how Ah Jip Kor's father demanding his 20 percent free shares from Kuok...which Kuok gave and then later on yet another 20 percent demand. The book also mentioned about Kuok's talk with Hussein Onn on the precarious path Umno is embarking with such disastrous 'short cuts of free lunches' by discarding the value of working hard, having integrity, and being scrupulous.

    Ah Jip Kor is noted for his 'thin ears' and obviously his toes were stepped on ( more like crushed, hehehe ) when a credible and well-regarded man like Kuok puts on record the less savory, dark side of his father's dealings. As expected, his paid-blogger in Manchester was enlisted in this 'salvage daddy's and orang-kita reputation' endeavor but it looks more like just plain and haphazardly hitting wildly back. And never one to disappoint, MOM Mabuk Liar promptly trotted out his usual pure bullshit, with bold headline in his MT blog : Robert Kuok Wants Chinese Rule In Malaysia. He goes on to say that "Robert Kuok’s agenda is to replace the Umno-led government with a DAP-led government" and implicated R Kuok's nephew in this so-called traitorous act. For the benefit of those who have not subscribed to Malaysiakini, James Kuok,the nephew of Robert Kuok had a come-back on this accusation : he strenuously denied all that has been said about him in MT and accused Raja Petra of being "ungrateful" as the latter had never thanked him for his help on two occasions - contributions made towards his son's stint in rehabilitation and to raise funds during his early years of living in exile in Manchester, England.

    "I'm not asking you (Raja Petra) to kiss my feet. At least if you don't have gratitude, don't talk rubbish about me," said James.

    He concluded with "We believe that there will be a day of reckoning.
    This man (Raja Petra) must face God and he must face the wrath of his God,"

    1. Mom has no god, despite his pious claim with Islam!

      He is a mad 'thing' that knows no gratitude that even a lowly rodent would know how to repay.

      & yet there r morons taking him in as role model & 'creditable' news disseminator.


    2. Right on, CK ! That despicable piece of garbage has no God...his god is undeniably $$$$ aka dedak. While stirring his usual pot of shit, he himself got splattered rather badly, muahahaha...there are hundreds of comments at Malaysiakini hantaming him kau kau wrt this R Kuok commentator by the name of Proarte has put it very well :

      RPK is well known to be a man of no principle who has led a parasitic existence all his life by virtue of his inherited constitutional privilege and his political affliations. These affiliations keep changing depending on the ebb and flow of politics in the country and the amount he is sponsored. All the information he has is fed to him by his bosses or is the product of his fertile imagination. A man such as Petra fears no God but is subservient to his masters who finance him at the material time. RPK had credibility during the 'Reformasi' years and gained his following because of his fawning support for Anwar, of course for payment. He then changed his allegiances when Anwar's fortune fell and linked himself with Mahathir who was then with UMNO. Now that Mahathir has left UMNO, it is not surprising that RPK has become a Najib and Rosmah spinmaster, as that is his current job decription, of course for a fee.

    3. MOM has no God, neither his Australian sidekick.

    4. only Monsterball believes in Wamba Watutsi

    5. No……no… many of the Kenyan tribes believe it!

      But why does an African legend impact an ozzilised M'sian who claims to be an atheist?

      Mmm mm… u should have more fun with Malingee than an African spirit le!