Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Wee Ka Siong's tunnel dirt might well be closer

It seems that now the furore a la much-ado-about-nothing over the alleged covert funding of the DAP by Robert Kuok could well be over, following news that PM's aide said Najib welcomes business magnate Robert Kuok’s statement of appreciation for opportunities given to him, MCA is back again with further episodes on the tunnel saga, wakakaka.

Wee Ka Siong has asked (published by FMT) Was there political interference in awarding tunnel contract?.

Wee has been as tenacious as a bulldog on the Penang tunnel project as he knows the MCA's very existence post GE14 depends largely on him finding even a teeny weeny sliver of corruption tainting the DAP and its terowong to kuai-kang (literally 'across the river' or Sebarang Perai), wakakaka.

As Wee is persistently looking for morsels of pungli (singkatan utk pungutan liar - Indon abbreviation for rasuah) I wonder whether I should advise him to look closer at 'home', wakakaka.

Malaysiakini has published MACC told to probe Umno MP who allegedly received RM3m for tunnel, wakakaka again.

Yes, Wee Ka Siong should ask his UMNO buddy Abdul Azeez Rahim, MP for Baling, wakakaka.

Abdul Azeez Rahim, MP for Baling 

Malaysiakini also publishes (extracts):

... graft watchdog Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4) Penang coordinator Stanley Sudhagaran asked, "Is this daylight corruption blanketed under a RM22 million consultancy work?"

"This is madness. This sort of business practice should be stopped. It is we who bear the cost at the end of the project," he said.

"It is worse that an MP is involved in this. Is MACC investigating the Baling MP and businessman over the matter?

"Who else has been involved? Any public officers benefiting from this?" He asked.

Sudhagaran asked why money had to be paid to get a public project like the tunnel and three highways done.

He further questioned whether this is because Penang is an opposition state, thus necessitating strings to be pulled for federal approval.

Good luck Wee, wakakaka.


  1. It took BN about 20 years in power to become Mega corrupt... circa 1970s.

    DAP ?

    1. don't you worry, I know you and HY are anti DAP blokes. And you prefer Mahathir than LKS or son LGE - yes, your right to like or hate, wakakaka

    2. I operate on the correct assumption that all political parties in power become corrupt in the course of time.

      The remaining question is how long does it take.

  2. Wee Ka Siong is an empty barrel.He got nothing incriminating to scream about,so he is making up fake news like horndog Donald Trump who learned it from botak RPK.

    Rumors have it that he,like Azmin might be looking for a safer seat elsewhere.His old friends from the DAP is after his scalp. He might even lose in this coming GE.Not only might he lose his re-election as MP,his home state might be lost too.So much for an empty barrel.

    This time around,there is no Waytharmoorthy or Hindraf to save Wee,his president or Chua Jr.Wakakaka.