Monday, February 26, 2018

DAP surrenders seats

Malaysiakini - In Alor Gajah, DAP justifies surrendering seat to Bersatu (extracts):

Lim KS' new flag for the DAP 

f**k off DAP, I was here first

DAP national organising secretary Anthony Loke tonight took pains to explain the party's decision to surrender its traditional seat to Bersatu Pribumi as the top Pakatan Harapan leadership descended on the Alor Gajah parliamentary constituency in Malacca.

Addressing a ceramah in the small town of Sungai Petai, Loke explained that the DAP, which had contested in Alor Gajah for three terms, surrendered the seat to Bersatu Pribumi as it was the best shot for Harapan to capture the constituency. [...]

Loke's move to placate any discontent in DAP came at a time when the party's Malacca chapter is in shambles.

ooks like Sebastian Loh's accusation of New chow-kow (running dogs) in town? might be coming true.

The fact that Anthony Loke has to 'take pains' to placate DAP members is an indictment on the DAP leadership and its disappointing mentality of 'always-surrender-to-Pribumi'

Has Anthony Loke considered that the DAP today has many Malay members, one of whom can be nominated as a DAP candidate in Alor Gajah, instead of surrendering its decade-plus nurtured Malacca seat to Pribumi?

Last year in March, MM Online reported that (extracts):

The Malacca chapter of DAP saw 182 members resign en masse today, just a month after four lawmakers quit.

The second wave of quitters were led by seven who had headed the Malacca DAP state committee, citing “disappointment” with the Opposition party for allegedly deviating from its “Malaysian Malaysia” stand, news portal Malaysiakini reported.

“We decided to take this decision after a month of consideration and consultation with local supporters and members.

“The 182 members decided to renounce the party membership as DAP has deviated from its struggle,” Liou Chen Kuan, formerly the party’s Machap candidate, was quoted saying.

He was also reported to have accused the DAP of failing to stop internal corruption, interference from the party’s central leadership in state issues and “selling out Chinese honour” in return for power.

Lim Kit Siang, you have a lot to answer for.

But I wonder, whether those mass resignations from DAP Melaka have influenced-convinced the Rocket Party leadership to surrender the Alor Gajah seat to Pribumi? What a bloody bummer.

Alor Gajah is the SECOND federal seat (after Tanjung Piai) the DAP has surrendered to Pribumi.

Both seats are held by the MCA. Has DAP abdicated its purpose to destroy the MCA to Pribumi, just as MCA had surrendered its fighting role against the DAP to UMNO in last election (eg. Gelang Patah)?

Prior to GE13, Chua Sue-Ann, wrote an article which stated (extracts):

[then Johor MB] Ghani, if he is fielded as BN’s candidate for Gelang Patah, will raise many uncomfortable issues for MCA, who is already seen to be on a weaker footing going into the impending general election.

Already, MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has disappointed those who were keen to see him take on Lim in a “clash of titans”.

Earlier last week, Chua declined to stand in Gelang Patah ostensibly because he had to “respect” the will of the grassroots.

Soi Lek had argued that he couldn’t usurp the position from local MCA grassroots leader Jason Teoh who has been working the ground in the constituency.

By with the rapidly changing developments, Chua’s argument appears to hold little water.

“Soi Lek and MCA claim to be leaders of the Chinese community. This is all the more reason why Soi Lek should stand in Gelang Patah to take on Kit Siang,” said a political observer, noting that Gelang Patah is after all a Chinese-majority urban seat.

He added that Chua should emulate Tan Sri Lee San Choon who took up the challenge of standing against DAP’s Dr Chen Man Hin in Seremban, a Chinese-majority DAP stronghold, in the 1982 general elections.

Today we see the DAP leadership capitulate to Pribumi's avaricious demand and grab of more and more federal seats, especially in Johor, a state which the Rocket Party once had ambitions, but now shattered by the new UMNO Mark III otherwise known as Pribumi. I wonder whether Chua Soi Lek is laughing his guts out and sneering at Lim Kit Siang?

what's the difference?

voting for Pribumi will be like voting for UMNO 

I fear that today, under Lim Kit Siang's volte-face belakang pusing-an, the DAP is slowly, centimetre by centimetre shedding off its Rocket armour and may well be assuming bits and pieces of the Kuomintang Star.

What a sad change of spirit, thanks to Lim Kit Siang.

Kuomintang Star 

you guess


  1. Is it Surrender, Strategy or plain simple logic? PKR maybe a better choice compared to Bersatu in Alor Gajah. So what happens to DAP Malays candidates? Window dressing only? Looks like a lot of DAP supporters will be playing mahjong on GE14 day.

  2. I think that the group which resigned did so,because their preferred candidate never had the chance to stand this coming GE.Also in politics,we have to understand that whenever a party gets too strong,outside forces have a way to create internal strife.I think that it is money that talks.I can be wrong,but with street smarts experience working the pondoks when I was sixteen,and in the same vote counting hall,when Albert Mah won first time up as MP for MCA.Our Gerakan candidate won the state seat though.

  3. Wakakakaka………

    JJ's brilliant analysis:

    "paid-bloggers like raja putar kelentong and his ilk to shout themselves hoarse again that DAP is the puppet master, that the Chinese will rule the country and all the Malays will be pushed into the sea ? Previous to Bersatu coming into the picture, the conversation is that of DAP being the hidden hands behind pulling the string. Now, after Mahathir was brought in to fight fire with fire, and was the designated-PM, it is " out, the old man will betray, the old man will not get down from the throne, the old man will relegate DAP to lapdog status which is MCA now..."

    is the best argument for this hamba piece of yrs!

    When it suits u (yr master), it's DAP the puppeteer. When it suits u (yr master, again) it's DAP the chow-kow!

    Can make up yr mind ke?

  4. DAP had been contesting in Alor Gajah since 1965 , and it had never won...not once in 53 years.

    It is not like giving up an incumbent seat, which DAP would never do.
    My guess is the DAP leadership considered not contesting a seat the party had not been able to win in 53 years as a reasonable compromise.
    The local party members will react negatively , of course, but they need to answer - what was their plan , what were they going to do differently to win in 2018 ?
    Otherwise it just sounds like sour grapes.

  5. what is the difference between ktmoc and rpk? a lot of people would swear both of you wear the same diapers like abang adek but I'm sure you would vehemently disagree, same logic applies when you try to question what's the difference between pribumi and umno or umno n pas....

    when you use phrases like 'sell out' ' volte face' I can't help thinking you are talking about yourself, especially for someone who claims to be a staunch supporter of dap

    strategic rearrangement of seats is a clever move... you gain some you lose some... they would and should know who has a better chance of winning which constituency