Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Azmin Ali signals his aim to be PM

FMT - Wait till I get to Putrajaya, says Azmin (extracts):

yeah, wait till I get to Putrajaya
there'll be more than a few people I'll kow-tim


SHAH ALAM: Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali today spoke about his administration’s achievements, and said they can be replicated nationwide if he were to lead Putrajaya.

Citing Selangor RM3.2 billion as an example, Azmin said the amount was only 1% of the federal budget, but proved to be more effective in assisting the people.

“If Selangor can do it, why can’t Putrajaya? Despite being a small state, Selangor has succeeded, not only in being a prosperous state but also in taking care of the interests of the armed forces,” he said, addressing the crowd at an event organised by Pahlawan, a body representing retired security personnel.

“Imagine if, in May, I was given the mandate to utilise RM300 billion. Then, God-willing, Pahlawan’s claims will be addressed,” he added.

Azmin said Selangor is now the destination of many civil servants due to the state government’s policies.

“Selangor has now become an attraction, everyone wants to stay in Selangor and claim to be a Selangorean. Just look at the government officers of today,” he said.

“So I say to them, you don’t have to move. Let me move to Putrajaya instead, case closed,” he told the audience of about 500 army veterans.

The dictionary defines the word 'I' as 'the nominative singular pronoun, used by a speaker in referring to himself or herself'.

'Me' of course is the objective case of 'I'.

Thus there is no doubt Azmin Ali has been referring to himself and not to Pakatan as a coalition when he made the above speech.

He also boasted of Selangor, the state in which he governs as Menteri Besar (MB or Chief Minister but with a Sultan as Head of the State).

T'was all about himself and his achievements as MB.

In short, Azmin Ali has been campaigning his candidature as a great PM-to-be. I would say it's Azmin's most open indication of his intention to be Pakatan's PM, come hell or high water. I don't believe it has been his Freudian slip. There'll be no room at the top, nay, cannot be any, for Mahathir, Mukhriz, Moody, Nurul or even his old boss, Anwar.

[Chinese and Indians can stand down (relax) as this doesn't involve them at all, wakakaka].

But it explains why he has been pretty pissed-off when Pakatan nominated Mahathir as PM-designate for the next government, when he has long been dreaming of and working towards that goal.

His cohorts have been making much noise on the issue, proposing instead an American style campaign-pair of Azmin and Mukhriz. for himself and also to ameliorate Mahathir's interests. But Azmin has not only too many enemies in Pakatan but also in his own PKR, wakakaka, thus the Pakatan fish did not bite that younger and more appropriate option.

I don't have any doubt Azmin Ali will be capable as a future PM, Machiavellian, manipulative, machinating and totally ruthless as he is. He has all the nasty qualities for power struggle at the top of the political echelon and more importantly to survive well.

However, as the notional PM, he may face some problems in governing the nation with effectiveness and efficiency as he tends to over-control, even down to microscopic levels.

Aussies call it 'dabbling down to the weeds'. One man cannot handle too many minute details and yet perform effectively and efficiently. He has to learn how to trust and delegate, which may be a daunting challenge to such a Machiavellian person with a considerable degree of paranoia, and with treacherous colleagues as he has in PKR, wakakaka.

But ironically, the person currently obstructing his ambition to be PM is his adoptive Uncle, Mahathir. He also realises (ie. assuming Pakatan Harapan wins GE14) that when Mahathir leaves the scene as he must eventually, the old man will most likely make arrangements to leave the PM post to Mukhriz.

And the most painful part of it all, he knows that most of Pakatan Harapan's component parties will prefer to have a Malay PM like Mukhriz, who though the son of a ruthless man like Mahathir is himself quite moderate, gentle and reasonable, rather than a manipulative over-controlling and very dangerous person as he is known to be. Thus they will invariably support and protect Mukhriz from any of his political-power 'advances'.

Hey, Azmin Ali himself knows he is viewed with much suspicion and much dislike by his political colleagues in Amanah, DAP and even in his own party PKR.

After all, he has been reported to have told Utusan Malaysia and TV3 “Who hasn’t attacked me?"

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  1. PKR did not nominate Azmin to become MB, but yet Azmin can become MB. Now, PH did not nominate Azmin to be the PM, will Azmin become PM?