Thursday, February 15, 2018

What about the genitalia?

Overheard recently:

Every time we lift her skirt up, some 'third party' would stop us from doing that by pulling her skirt down again. How then can we determine the sweetie's gender?

one month's work? 

And that's why it will now take more than the one month we had estimated.

People don't realise how difficult is it to determine a sweetie's gender as gender identity verification can only be done by a certified (halal) specialist doctor, not anyone. And please ignore those mothers who boast they identified their children's gender by just looking at the genitalia.

RM1 Billion invoice? 


  1. These religious fakes,wanting to see the pretty lady's pussy came up with the excuse of gender screening.I just hope that this lady got a big batang for these sickos to suck.Wakakaka.

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