Sunday, February 18, 2018

DAP Commando Squad? PKR Evacuation Squad?

In FMT's Is Pakatan too afraid of taking chances?, Sheith Khidhir Bin Abu Bakar Pakatan Harapan feels Pakatan must pull out all stops if it ever intends to win Putrajaya.

It's a 'now-or-never' situation, what with Pakatan already having the most powerful Terrifying Trio of Mahathir, Anwar (or his representative) and Lim Kit Siang.

If Pakatan doesn't win this time (GE14), it'll then have to be a long long wait for the next 'golden opportunity'.

However, Sheith reckons what may hamper the acquisition of new/additional seats for a clear majority in Federal Parliament is Pakatan being too cautious or too afraid to take risks, yes risk, but necessary risks, using its popular powerful personalities to capture new seats instead of them just sitting cosily in their respective blue ribbon seats.
Thus he recommends pulling out consistent victors from their strongholds (which they have been winning in past elections) and placing them in contests that other Pakatan candidates might not win.

Well, my dear Sheith, the DAP has been doing that in the last two elections ever since Liew Chin Tong took over as the party's strategic director. He advocated Lim KS going into Gelang Patah and himself (Liew) moving from Bukit Bendera (Penang) to Kluang in Johor while back home (Bukit Bendera) Zairil Khir won in Liew's former seat.

Liew Chin Tong 

Zairil Khir 

There were many other tactics, including shifting MP into state seats and vice versa, eg. Chong Eng from being MP Bukit Mertajam into ADUN for Padang Lalang.

Chong Eng 

The DAP also limits 1 seat (state or federal) to each candidate with the only exception for Guan Eng, an exception which I didn't agree based on my belief that no one is indispensible.

Sheith does warn that there may be risks of losing blue ribbon seats if incumbents were shifted elsewhere. But the DAP has had experience in that, when in placing newbie sweetie Dyana Sofya in the Telok Intan by-election in 2014, it lost that DAP seat by a mere 238 votes, but nonetheless a remarkable performance by the sweetie against the Gerakan party national president in the latter's hometown.

Sheith asked: Pakatan needs to ask itself what good DAP vice-chair Teresa Kok, for instance, will be doing in Seputeh, which DAP has consistently won since the constituency was created in 1986.

Wouldn’t her popularity be better taken advantage of in a marginal seat or even a BN stronghold? After all, there’s no real danger that DAP will lose Seputeh, no matter whom it places there.

What do you guys think of Sheith's proposal for Pakatan (not just DAP) to have a commando spearhead force?

Well, for a start, PKR will be doing the REVERSE (cabut unsafe seats, wakakaka) when it has evaluated where:

(a) Azmin Ali may stand safely because Gombak is no longer 'safe' for him (maybe Batu since Tian Chua may well be disqualified),

(b) Nurul Izzah likewise with her current Lembah Pantai (perhaps Pandan as Rafizi is disqualified), and

(c) Wan Azizah with her now-less-than-safe Permatang Pauh.


  1. Pessimists are always looking at PKR seats and assuming they are vulnerable, and therefore BNUMNO is on the verge of a landslide.

    What is being ignored is that there are dozens of marginal BN seats which BNUMNO will have to fight tooth and nail to retain.

    There is no certainty many of these seats will remain in BNUMNO hands.

  2. No different than what they had alredi done since the past 10 years. PKR & DAP MPs and assemblymen were a large portion of parachute candidates previously. Only this time, their next jump might be fatal for them, politically.

    Perhaps their Invoke might help them gauge which parachute candidates will have the safest seats in their next hop.

    1. Risk taking.... Wakakakaka.... What a strategical suicide hp6 analysis!

      Oooop...Can I suggest ahjibgor contesting in Seputeh/Cheats to prove his 'worth' as the most hated pm (maybe 2nd after mamak), using the similar logic.

    2. That's like suggesting LKS to contest in Pekan. Oops!

    3. So?

      U finally see the hp6 proposal!