Sunday, February 11, 2018

Selection & Maintain of Aim

The most important principle of war is 'Selection & Maintain of Aim' ('aim' for Brits, 'objective' for Americans).

An example of Hitler failing to maintaining his war aim (after correctly selecting it as the destruction of Britain's air power) was when in a fit of anger at a British bomber bombing Berlin - actually by accident through erroneous navigation than by intent - he switched from bombing the RAF airfields and radar stations to bombing London in what became known as thw London Blitz.

Though he devastated London but without affecting the morale of the British people, he unwittingly spared the RAF enough time to recover and re-group for the famous Battle of Britain in which the RAF won against superior German Luftwaffe.

Had Hitler maintained his aim of destroying the RAF there would not have been a Battle of Britain, where after, on 20 August 1940, PM Winston Churchill eulogised the RAF with his famous 'Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few'.

The 'few' were the valorous RAF fighter pilots and has since become their signature word of pride.

Wikipedia informs us: Churchill apparently first used his famous words upon his exit from the Battle of Britain Bunker at RAF Uxbridge on 16 August when visiting the No. 11 Group RAF Operations Room during a day of battle.

Afterwards, Churchill told Major General Hastings Ismay, 'Don't speak to me, I have never been so moved'.

After several minutes of silence he said, 'Never in the history of mankind has so much been owed by so many to so few'. The sentence would form the basis of his speech to the House of Commons on 20 August.

General Sir Hastings Ismay

However, in 1954 "Pug" Ismay related an anecdote to publisher Rupert Hart-Davis; when Churchill and Ismay were

travelling together in a car, in which Winston rehearsed the speech he was to give in the House of Commons on 20 August 1940 after the Battle of Britain. 
When he came to the famous sentence, ‘Never in the history of mankind have so many owed so much to so few’, Ismay said 'What about Jesus and his disciples?'
'Good old Pug,’ said Winston who immediately changed the wording to ‘Never in the field of human conflict ....'.

The speech was given as the United Kingdom prepared for the expected German invasion. In it, Churchill tried to inspire his countrymen by pointing out that although the last several months had been a series of monumental defeats for the Allies, their situation was now much better than before.

Churchill's argument was in fact correct; shortly thereafter the British won the battle, the first significant defeat for the hitherto unstoppable Wehrmacht.

The German Wehrmacht or “defence force” was the unified armed forces of Nazi Germany from 1935 to 1946

This speech was a great inspiration to the embattled United Kingdom during what was probably its most dangerous phase of the entire war. Together with the three famous speeches that he gave during the period of the Battle of France (the "Blood, toil, tears, and sweat" speech of 13 May, the "We shall fight on the beaches" speech of 4 June and the "This was their finest hour" speech of 18 June), they form his most stirring rhetoric.

Yes, selection & maintenance of aim would also be the primary principle of political war that now rages between BN and Pakatan.

But what is the respective aim of BN and Pakatan?

For BN in Penang, it seems to be unending and frankly, quite boring attacks on alleged corruption in Pakatan state government's management of the undersea tunnel project.

I am sorry to tell the BN that its aim is incorrect as no one in Penang, save the BN converted, believes in MCA or Gerakan's corruption allegation against Guan Eng on the tunnel project.

A political war can be won by positive actions rather than just negative attacks, which seems to be the standard fare for both sides. Actually a positive action to the liking of the voters would be akin to a successful (but positive) attack over the opponent.

Can BN do something positive rather than chant the standard tale of the tunnel?

What about promising, promoting and propagating the government's recognition of the UEC, that is, assuming MCA and Gerakan can get Najib to agree to that, wakakaka.

Striving for excellence: To ensure students can enter local public universities if they want to, many Chinese schools compel students to sit for both the national SPM examination and the UEC exam.

I have no doubt that BN will win more than a few votes from the more senior Chinese, especially from parents of students. The UEC would be a more appreciated issue than the boring repetitive and useless attacks on the tunnel.

As for Pakatan its chant seems to be 1MDB and Najib but more at Najib. The chant looks like fading away as the figures quoted keeps changing, from RM42 Billion to RM2.6 Billion to some hundreds of millions to RM60 Billion to etc etc etc Billions. To be truthful, I am getting confused.

The target has been a personal pointing at Najib, just as the BN in Penang makes a particular issue of anything Guan Eng, wakakaka. The converted on one's side loves it while the converted on the other side ignores it, a stalemate so to speak. Both sides have indulged in negatives.

For a positive, at one time, PAS' 'welfare state' looked pretty good but to our disappointment, we finally learnt it was just another PAS' bullshit.

Pakatan should consider taking it up - just dust off the green paint and give it another name (but please not Mahathir-nomics, wakakaka). I reckon it'll be good as it's a positive.


Also, how about cheaper housing, better and more government-run or government-sponsored child care centres, something for the age, etc etc etc along this line of lower cost of living and enhanced lifestyles?

Select your political campaign aim correctly, then maintain it. But avoid negatives - we're getting bored of that.


  1. y build tunnel when one cant find any cheaper house in pg island, lets undirosak the mahathir lackey lge.

    1. From my business dealing, I come to know of a plan to build a undersea tunnel linking HK island with mainland China.

      This is part of a greater plan to ease the housing problem of HK.

      So, what do u say about this 'build tunnel when one cant find any cheaper house in pg island' jazz?

      HK different from PG? Or for that matter Long Island?

      U people just want to vent yr personal hate, or political frustrations, w/o thinking ahead.

      Oooop, I'm no fan of the lim father&son, just in case u pour yr diatribes against me!

      The plan has its merit, far into the future, but perhaps not as envisaged by the lim!

      What's fair is fair. In between there might be some personal gains. But the overall projection of these 3 projects r for the future good of the PG island, regardless of the bulls of the greenies, the short-sightedness of the blurs & of course the gameshow of the politikus.

    2. Yup.
      Where the contest is BN. vs. DAP, my inclination is #UndiRosak.

    3. Bull.... lah!

      Outwardly, u cry #UndiRosak. During erection day, u draw cross again bn/pas!

      Hypocrite, through & through!

  2. Since are on the subject of World War II....Winston Churchill was a strong committed anti-Communist throughout his life. Some would call him an extreme anti-Communist.

    Yet that did not stop Churchill from immediately offering all the aid Britain could muster to the Soviet Union immediately after Operation Barbarossa, Nazi Germany's invasion of Russia started.

    Britain's Arctic convoys, shipping aid to the USSR, which continued right up to VE Day 1945, were dangerous, difficult and costly. They had to fight all the way through the freezing Arctic Ocean, U-Boats, Surface Raiders and Land-based bombers. Some of the British convoys were massacred with heavy loss of life and material.

    No one accused Churchill of being the Greatest Traitor.
    He understood well that desperate times called for the strongest measures, including allying with the USSR.

    On to another subject.
    1MDB is an objective issue.
    It exists whether or not Pakatan picks it up, whether or not Ktemoc is confused, or deliberately self-confused.

    The debts still need to be paid, the money is still disappeared. At least one multi-Billion tranche of bonds repayment will be due in 2030.

    My Grandchildren will be paying for 1MDB debts.

    1. Brits and (subsequently) Yanks aided the Russians so as to keep the Eastern Front active which tied down approximately 170 to 180 German divisions - Those German divisions then could not be at the Western Front. There ain't no free lunch

    2. Likewise, DAP is cooperating with Pribumi to tie UMNO down in some 50+ seats with previously UMNO Fixed Deposit demographics. Instead of constantly being on the defensive against UMNO demonisation.
      There ain't no free lunch.

      Yet you daily demonize Lim Kit Siang as The Greatest Traitor.

    3. So ain't that part of the looking-at-the-big-picture plan of helping yr 'enermy' to help yrself?

      What man, wordsmith?

    4. Some has conveniently forgotten that as soon as WW2 ended, the Cold War began.

      Yet more has forgotten that, Cold War proxy wars killed more people than WW2 itself. And their conflict rages til today in Syria, Africas, South Americas.

  3. A community deliberately , consciously runs a school system which is totally different and separate from the National Curriculum.

    That is their choice, and the status quo has been accepted by the Government for the last 61 years.

    You do not have the "right" to demand the recognition to enter national, public-funded Universities.

    The government has not placed any obstacles for the students to be recognised for entry to local private Higher Education Institutions or overseas or to seek employment in the private sector.

    1. who says Malaysians do not have the right to demand of their government?

    2. See the arrogant display of that ketuanan gene?

      Enough said!

    3. "A community deliberately , consciously runs a school system which is totally different and separate from the National Curriculum."

      This prick did not ask the right question, that's why he's always going round and round that ketuanan bush.

      Was there a National Curriculum 61 years ago ? Schools then were run by Catholic priests and nuns or the Methodist variant and all the syllabus were in English. Parallel to this formal schooling system were the formal Chinese schools in the Mandarin language. I don't think there was a formal Malay school system in Malay language then. And of course the Malay language then was not as 'developed' as it is now, wakakaka. I also read that Dr Mahathir had lamented that the Chinese have their 5000 years of civilization and is proud of it and that they would not want to discard their language and culture and on their own device, would not want to suddenly adopt a language which is still in its 'infancy' stage, wakakaka. Education is very important to the Chinese, then and now, and the choice then was either to enrol their children in the English stream schools or the Chinese schools.

      So where is that community who had " deliberately , consciously runs a school system which is totally different and separate from the National Curriculum.'? Then, it was either English or Mandarin....Malay masa tu tak laku lah. And now, fast forward to decades forward, even with the so-called improved and 'developed' Malay language, there is absolutely no incentive for the non Malays to study solely in the Malay language as they can't get jobs in the public sector and of course, the language is useless if one were to seek jobs overseas. Now the whole education standard is so dismal that more and more Malay parents are sending their children to Chinese schools.

      Ketuanan pricks like this fella, imbued with BTN brainwashing, will forever be on the Chinese case and no amount of reasoning or explanation would appease them...they simply refused to see the 'other side' and just below the surface, one can see their resentment and hatred bubbling beneath...that's the current situation now in this country.

    4. in mu Uncles' days (pre Merdeka and thereafter) there were Malay-language schools but only up to standard 5 or 6. Jawi was also taught in those primary-standard Malay schools. One of my Uncles' mate, a Chinese, attended one of those schools because in his area there were no other school. He finished the course and became and 'expert' in Malay language inclusive of Jawi, and ended up teaching at night classes in those early days when Tunku's government financed night classes to teach non-Malays the national language. My Uncles and the villagers jokingly called him "Ali" for his powerful command of Malay. But his only job was teaching night classes. After that he disappeared somewhere, presumably into typical Chinese small business. He was never offered any government job - what a waste

  4. In the bolihland context, both parties, bn & ph, have been consistent in their aim - to 'annihilate' the opposition & claim the throne of office.

    It's just the approaches adopted that's u have questioned.

    1MDB can't never be steriled, no matter how u want it to be forgotten!

    Its complexity confuses many accounting experts. So don't expect the ordinary, the willings & the blur-sotongs to want to go any deeper into it.

    It's the realm of the diehards who r willing to strip the entangled numeric messes apart to reach the truth!

    No matter the quoted figures. It's HUGE.

    AND the scheming happened right in front of the eyes of the rakyat through the arrogance of the perpetrators.

    For bn to think out of the box to implement full supports for vernacular education, especially Chinese, is expecting iron tree bearing fruits (tss's immortal quote). It's still holding true to this day!

    That ketuanan gene has mutated into an irreplaceable component within their DNA links. To remove it would be liken to expecting the coming of imam muhadi amongst Melayu lah.

    So besides these two game changers, all other issues have been tolerated & lived-&-let-lived by the bolihlanders.

    U call that boring..... Wakakakaka....

    1. "1MDB can't never be steriled, no matter how u want it to be forgotten!"

      "Its complexity confuses many accounting experts. So don't expect the ordinary, the willings & the blur-sotongs to want to go any deeper into it."

      Very right. An urbanite like me does not quite understand it, yet many Pakatan politicians continue to flog this complicated 1MDB horse in byelection campaigns, hoping to gain political kilometreage, even amongst rural voters, instead of focussing on their economic concerns over rising living costs and other local issues.

      I've also had to suffer the many teh-tarik and WhatsApp 1MDB experts, who think they know the issue inside out.

      I was very pissed off with a Pakatoon, who arrogantly asked me "what is so hard to understand about 1MDB", when I honestly stated that I didn't quite understand it due to my complexity.

      Whilst I am not a BN supporter and have voted opposition all my life, this kind of condescending arrogance is what puts me off many Pakatoons, many of whom will accuse meof being pro-BN, even if I express an honest opinion about my view of Pakatan's of losing the seat in my state constituency in GE14, especially in a three-cornered fight between UMNO, PKR and PAS, given the slim margin by which it was won by PKR in GE13, when PAS was a member of the now defunct Pakatan Rakyat and PAS supporters voted for the PKR candidate because she was a Pakatan Rakyat candidate but the same won't be so in GE14.

    2. It's not that they think they know it all. 1MDB is their chance to gasak Najib, wakakaka. They are frightening, like the American Wild West where they hanged people they suspected of anything

    3. You mean more like the Salem witch hunts and burning at the stakes?

    4. All financial crimes are fundamentally simple exercises in greed.

      What is so hard to understand about 1MDB ?

      The Chairman of the 1MDB advisory board arranged for Cash raised from 1MDB borrowings to be paid into private accounts of Co-Conspirators and his own personal Bank Account.

      The money remains on 1MDB books as Assets, but it is all Bullshit Assets, and can never ever again be realisable into repayments when the time comes.

      I did not graduate from any University, but I can understand it very clearly.

      University of New South Wales graduate (?) Bull....

      The complication is the deliberately round-and-round transactions used to hide the flow of money. It took the resources of the United States Department of Justice , Switzerland Banking Regulator and the Monetary Authority of Singapore to expose the flow, but it has been exposed.

    5. The burden of proof beyond reasonable doubt falls on Monsterball.

    6. U never miss a chance to uplift yr ajibgor's 'innocence'!

      Wa lau-eh, some person needs a skeleton figure completed with internal organs le, in order to see the sketch.

      Well, I hope u keep up with yr enthusiasm when the time comes.

    7. file:///storage/emulated/0/Download/12%20Angry%20Men%20(10-10)%20Movie%20CLIP%20-%20Not%20Guilty%20(1957)%20HD%20(1).mp4

      From 12 Angry Men movie.

    8. "The Chairman of the 1MDB advisory board arranged for Cash raised from 1MDB borrowings to be paid into private accounts of Co-Conspirators and his own personal Bank Account."

      "The complication is the deliberately round-and-round transactions used to hide the flow of money. It took the resources of the United States Department of Justice , Switzerland Banking Regulator and the Monetary Authority of Singapore to expose the flow, but it has been exposed."

      Very well put by Monsterball ! Just take out all the 'noise' and so-called 'complications, some of which are deliberately conjured up, and at the end of the day, it can be seen that we the rakyat are left to pay for the these elite thieves to party in designer togs, swilling top of the range champagne, rubbing shoulders with Hollywood celebrities and producing movies, with one woman satisfying her penchant for an arrays of Birkin bags costing hundreds of thousands a piece, and of course that notorious 128 million ringgit pink diamonds.And oh...that yacht sailing with equanimity across troubled water...

      When pinklips sees the need to OSA the findings of 1MDB and won't allow the figures to be scrutinized....enough said !

    9. If there was any discrepancies in the findings, PAC would have already pointed it out.

    10. Why is the Auditor-General's report on 1MDB still classified under the Official Secrets Act ?

      What are you hiding ?