Monday, February 12, 2018

They won't allow Vasanthapiriya to rest in peace

There is a very sad, sinister and sickening "campaign" against the reputation of a dead 13-year old girl, Vasanthapiriya.

Recently the poor girl hung herself when she was accused of stealing her teacher's mobile phone though thus far there was no evidence to support the teacher's accusation

She was reported to have been interrogated by said teacher, detained for hours in a locked room and then ended with the teacher and husband confronting her parents. She then hung herself after leaving a note that she did NOT steal the teacher's phone. Her father rescued her but she died in hospital after never recovering from coma that she was in following the hanging.

A few days ago, news informed us of "someone" (who?) seeing her teacher taking her for drinks hours before her suicide. At that time I did wonder WTF was going on.

We had read of her teacher confronting, accusing and interrogating her before taking home to see the parents and then we hear of her teacher buying her drinks. Those events didn't gel but I left it at that.

Today I read in blogging matey Susan Loone's FB that she observed a rather creepy series of bad-mouthing of Vasanthapiriya, lamenting that the case should rightfully be left to the police.

Then kissy-hand Kamalanathan, Deputy Education Minister II, no doubt briefed by "certain parties" (who?) had commented that Vasanthapiriya slit her wrists two years ago. T'was an outrageous statement that father Muniandy repudiated, saying there was no evidence of such an occurrence and there was no police nor hospital record of the alleged attempted suicide.

If you ask me, I would say how could a 13-year girl who two years ago would be an 11-years old, took it upon her barely teenage self to slit her own wrists? Slashing one's wrist as a suicide method is generally an adult action, not that of a 11-year old girl.

But what outraged me has been the deputy minister releasing unsubstantiated news without checking with the police. What the f**k did he have in mind to outflank the police investigation?

Then recent press reports reported the school video did show it was Vasanthapiriya who was caught in the act of stealing the teacher's mobile phone, but Penang police chief Datuk A. Thaiveegan disputed that fake news. Needless to say, Vasanthapiriya's dad, Muniandy expressed sadness over that lie.

Seemingly, there appears to be an ongoing sinister campaign to badmouth the late 13-year old Vasanthapiriya. Why, we may ask?

Kamalanathan, Deputy Education Minister II , should be sacked for releasing fake news of her alleged suicide attempt two years ago. He must be made to 'fess up WTF he has been trying to do?


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  2. It is obvious by now that the teacher husband and wife pair are exerting high-tension political cables to get themselves off the hook.

    The Final outcome has already been decided, only going through the charade for now.
    Mark my words, I fully expect the final official report to state that the child had a "history of tendency towards suicide" and no one else should be blamed for her death.

  3. The ball has started rolling to make the teachers "not guilty of anything" while the school girl "guilty of something". Great Malay(sia) politics as usual.

  4. Everything in Malaysia is politicised and racialised.....

    Slowly but surely descending into a ShitHole described by The Donald.