Friday, February 23, 2018

Azmin Ali's kangkang stance comes home to roost

I have often written about a particular 'Chinese saying', which warns against a person having each of his feet on two different boats. It implies that person has two different loyalties, nay, strike out the word 'loyalties' because such a person can never ever be loyal to anyone. Please substitute that 'loyalties' word with 'affiliations'.

woi, follow that boat, my other leg is still on it 

'Affiliations' means 'annexing, attaching, connecting, joining, associating, aligning, allying', but alas, fall short of 'loyalty', wakakaka.

But such a kangkang stance will eventually split him asunder when the two boats sail towards different directions.

Azmin Ali has been such a man with his feet each on two different political boats, one foot on Pakatan Harapan with secular DAP ally and the other on his private dealings with an Islamic PAS which left Pakatan Rakyat.

training for kangkang stance 

Thus when PAS returns home to the NE and Pakatan Harapan sails towards the NW, he'll invariably experience a tearing sensation (plus its horrid sound) right at his ass, to end up going south.

The English-American colloquialism of 'going south' or 'gone south' means 'whatever/whoever it describes has gone wrong or is f**ked'.

Thus Azmin Ali is f**ked kaukau right now.

But his current problem has been of his own making. He has been such a treacherous political player (theoretically allied with Pakatan Haparan but at the same time, slutting with Pakatan's foe, PAS).

But PAS persistent 'f**k off' to him despite and in spite of his amorous overtures has finally shafted reality down (or up?) the ass of double headed viper.

The Star Online in its article Final months of ‘frenemies govt’ states intrinsically in its very unique word 'fenemies' just what sort of game Azmin Ali was playing until now. Selected extracts of the article follows:

Selangor's “government of friends and enemies” is finally about to come to an end. [...]

Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Azmin Ali, who had been seen as bending over backwards for PAS, is no longer playing the nice guy.

All eyes are now on whether Azmin will bring the axe down on the three PAS leaders who are still members of the state exco, or if he will allow the “government of friends and enemies” to go on till the general election.

The trio, Datuk Iskandar Samad, Zaidy Abdul Talib and Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi, have no intention of resigning from their posts even though their party is planning to contest against Pakatan Harapan in the general election.

Azmin had reportedly threatened to sack Roslan Shahir, the PAS councillor in Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya, but that has yet to happen.

Roslan, who is also the Selangor PAS election director, is a vocal and critical political commentator with a big following and it is believed he may have stepped on the Mentri Besar’s toes with his Facebook postings.

The move against PAS is also seen as reaching out to Selangor’s non-Malay audience, especially the Chinese voters who have turned against PAS after supporting the party in the last two elections.

Azmin recently granted interviews to several Chinese vernacular newspapers during which he drummed home the point that there is no electoral pact with PAS and said that Pakatan Harapan is preparing for three-cornered fights with PAS and Barisan Nasional.

Azmin rarely gives interviews and it was the first time he had been this frank about the ties with PAS.

But the long and short of it is that Azmin is trying to lock in the Chinese vote by quashing rumours that he is in cahoots with PAS.

KT note: Has it been 'too little too late'?

Azmin, who is Selangor PKR chief, also denied any secret agreements with PAS or that he had engaged in seat negotiations with it.

KT note: But read on and you'd note his treachery to Pakatan has been staggering.

However, a PAS insider said a team of Selangor PKR leaders had met with state PAS leaders to negotiate seats. The team, which was led by Ampang MP Zuraidah Kamaruddin, included state PKR secretary Borhan Aman Shah, Taman Medan assemblyman Haniza Talha, and Kota Anggerik assemblyman Yaakob Saapari.

“They put forward a list of 15 seats for us to contest which did not go down well with us. They said that other seats would be open for negotiation.

“But the discussion fell apart because they could not assure us that other Pakatan partners would not contest against us in those seats.

“That is not what we call a deal. It means we have to draw our swords in the general election,” said the PAS insider.

PAS will be contesting 45 state seats and 20 parliamentary seats. That means a galore of multi-cornered fights, given that Selangor has 56 state and 22 parliamentary seats.

KT note: Wakakaka.

But it is a mystery why PAS is still clinging on as part of the state government. It makes little strategic sense and it undermines all their big plans of being able to go it alone and become the third force in the general election.

The main protagonists keep claiming that they are staying put because that is the wish of the Selangor palace. But during an interview with The Star in December, the Sultan of Selangor denied ever giving out such an instruction to the state government.

PAS should walk out now while they can still hold up their head and allow the state Pakatan to reorganise itself.

KT note: It's just like the case in Penang in January 2015 when Hadi Awang mentioned the taboo word 'race' and claimed that there would be a repeat May 13 if the DAP kept pushing for local government elections.

As I had written previously, Hadi must have seen (and feared) those local elections, usually in urban areas, would deprive his PAS members of Pakatan Rakyat appointments to councillor positions, then by state appointments rather than via local elections. In that sense, he's not for democracy and its institutions, especially when he assessed his PAS won't get elected.

That's PAS for you in our democracy, warts and all, apart from the reality its members have been more for materialistic rewards than the other worldly type.

Continuing with the Star Online article:

There are simply too many obstacles from his Pakatan partners about PAS and his party will now have to lean on the Chinese vote and keep their fingers crossed where the Malay vote is concerned.

That's the sad disappointing Azmin Ali for you, using you or discarding you depending on your 'usefulness' (or lack of) for him. He doesn't deserve Chinese support in the same way PAS should NOT ever be given (non-Muslim) Chinese votes.
Unlike his former mentor Anwar, Azmin lacks that BIG picture vision, and thus has been unnecessarily and exceedingly mean-spirited, calculating to the last drop of blood on how PKR would get every iota of advantage over DAP (or PAS).

Maybe we should blame it on Azmin's subliminal Chettiar DNA or his mathematics degree, or both, wakakaka.

But yes, the sad part of it all is that with Azmin lacks the BIG picture vision of he wants to be a likely Pakatan PM who will govern Malaysia with the DAP, Amanah and even Pribumi (minus you-know-who, wakakaka) under him a la Tun Razak.

And thus, because of his kangkang stance on two different sampans he is now definitely without real political allies or sympathies.


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