Friday, February 16, 2018

Malaysian Children of God

MM Online - Don’t review fatwas on transgenders just for popularity, Islamic scholars told (extracts):

BANGI, Feb 16 — A representative from Islamist think tank Malaysian Islamic Strategic Research Institute (Iksim) has reminded Muslim scholars, or ulama, against revisiting or reviewing any previously issued fatwas on transgenders.

At an anti-LGBT forum organised by Muslim students’ coalition Gamis last night, Iksim senior fellow Engku Ahmad Fadzil Engku Ali accused some in the LGBT community and supporters of trying to identify scholars who are seeking popularity by amending fatwas against the transgenders.

“I am giving a general statement that Islamic laws cannot be changed just to please certain groups of people. Religious laws cannot be changed just to cheer some people up, as this will damage the religion. This is my general advice.

“Religious authorities must remain united when it comes to Islamic laws and fatwas issued in the past in order to overcome certain groups,” he said in the forum titled “LGBT: A Chronic Cancer on the Nation”.

Engku Ahmad Fadzil raised his concern at the forum in response to a meeting between civil society Pertubuhan Kesihatan dan Kebajikan Umum Malaysia and Federal Territories mufti Datuk Zulkifli Mohamad yesterday.

During the meeting, Zulkifli had reportedly said religious authorities should revisit a fatwa declaring transgenderism as un-Islamic, adding that there is a difference between “men impersonating women”, and those who were assigned male at birth but identify with the female gender identity.

For those who believe in god, as do Jews, Christians, Muslims and Hindus, please remember that LGBTQI are god's creation and therefore 'Children of your God'.

There is one former Malaysian born gay, Penny Wong Yong-Yew, who has been an Australian minister in various portfolios including Finance under the Kevin Rudd and Julie Gillard governments, and now Australian Labor Opposition Leader in the Australian Senate.

She has been fortunate her parents took her to Australia where she could realise her full human potential and contribute better to her nation, instead of being harassed, persecuted and punished under religious conservatives for her lifestyle endowed by the Almighty.

I have no doubt there are Muslims LGBTQI in Malaysia who are very capable but have to hide their 'sexual proclivity' for fear of persecution, prosecution and punishment by people who are less capable and qualified than them but who habour a hatred towards anyone different to them.

By the way, being LGBTQI is NOT just about f**king as some dumbos are inclined to believe (and probably fantasise about). LGBTQI are human beings, 'children of god', who live human lives, love and contribute to their families and nations.

It is not LGBT who have been a "Chronic Cancer" on the nation but social parasites who do nothing of substance but who sponge mightily on taxpayers' money by posing as holier-than-thou snake-oil salesmen.

FT Mufti Zulkifli Mohamad al-Bakri has said, "According to religious scholar, Imam An-Nawawi, there exist two types of Mukhannaths as mentioned above."

"Mukhannath min Kalqin were born male by body but identified their gender as female, and they are not attracted to women."

“Since their identity is inert and not an impersonation, as long as they do not use their identity for immoral purposes, it is not a shame and they are accepted in Islam.”


  1. These stupid religious bums,know nothing about the religious teachings of Islam.If they are so strict and religious,they wouldn't be be raping and fucking their neighbors pets.These pious fakes are just sexual predators in disguise.

  2. Very apt subject for Chinese New Year.
    Every Chinese New Year brings a renewed reminder that the family is the bedrock of the social structure and stability.
    A million years of evolution and there is no better institution for preparing the next generation for future challenges.
    As far as I am concerned ,the movement to promote Lesbian , Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual lifestyles corrodes the moral fibre of society.

    However, there should not be any legal sanction against those who process such tendencies in private.

    1. no one is promoting anything save to say, leave the LGBTQI alone - they're human beings too and have a right to their own non-interfered lives