Thursday, February 01, 2018

Goodbye to a lil' girl

Malaysiakini - Student accused of stealing teacher's iPhone passes away.

Accused of stealing a handphone when she was innocent
She was nonetheless horrendously and ruthlessly 'uan ong'
By someone she so respected, but unjust & hastily indolent
And by the way, 'uan ong' means she was unjustly wronged

Now she has left us for a better world of no discrimination
Of sweet fragrant jasmine, soft sunshine, crystal clear sky
Leaving behind a mass of prejudice, evil and abomination
What is there for us to say, to regret-weep, but just goodbye


  1. How do you know that she is innocent? Or was "uan-onged"?

    1. Whatever the case, is it right to detain and confined the student in a locked room for 5 hours ( it seemed this happened in one of the reports ) ? With no proof, is it right for the teacher to come down hard on the student and accused her openly of stealing ? Is there even a SOP in schools to deal with such matters to resolve matters in a disciplined and fair manner ?

  2. Whether she is innocent OR uan-onged, there is a proper due process for the investigation by the right authority.

    The involved teacher took the issue into her own hand. With her arrogance, she humiliated a 13yrs old in fronts of everybody, including her parents!

    There r two issues here:

    1) the quality of the educators that our schools have been forced to accept.

    Many a time, the stories of racist/blurred/uninterested/political minded teachers r a plenty throughout bolihland.

    Such state of low qualified teachers to educate/influence our youngsters could even exist INDICATING a very sick system. (Wakakakaka... KT would blames manmanlai/mamak for it!)

    2) Like it or not, there is a hightened tendency for our down&trodden youngsters to take very drastic actions (rightly &/or wrongly) to express their infelt injustices & frustrations that levied on them.

    What makes our youngsters (I exclude those otakrosaks of #undirosak) feel so helplessness upon facing an 'overwhelmed' challenge speaks TONS about our current debilitated society as a whole.

    Both issues point back to the state of nationhood we r in at the moment.

    Liken to Colombia, prior to Juan Manuel Santos' presidency, social chaos, despair, high suicidal rate, poor economic prospects etc etc were the norm.

    The Colombians just couldn't see a way out for a country ravaged by 50yrs of sectarian infightings.

    Now with the peace accords put in place by President Santos, there r hopes AGAIN - showing everywhere & in every Colombians. They can even help the once SA economic powerhouse of the now seriously doomed Venezuela!

    Moral of this rant - visionary leadership by example! Game to take the path least travel to solve problems that deem sensitive for the good of the country.

    When a country has hopes, the citizen has hopes. Many social ills WILL disappear & sometimes resolve by themselves, simply bcoz the citizen at large r happy.

    So, DONT just mourning a death by yr superficial bleeding hearts.

    Do something useful, like first invoking a serious CHANGE to a petrified regime that still shackled us!

  3. "Do something useful, like first invoking a serious CHANGE to a petrified regime that still shackled us!" CK

    Hear ! Hear !