Saturday, February 10, 2018

Gerakan impossible dream of Penang swing

NST via Malaysia-Today - Penang To Swing Back To BN In GE14?:

Some just like to jump from lie to lie
But others dream of massive swing
In order to lie one mustn't be too shy
Tho' swing needs more than whinge

How must we then a swing bring to be 
So that we can shoot down de Rocket
Make the vessel crash into the big sea
Together with that smug Cina prophet

Such swings would be built on dreams
Yes, in your most silly hopeless fantasy
Masses flocking to your banner seems
More like dumb imagined impossibility

Once confidence has been lost forever
Once trust betrayed has been locked in 
Your promises smack of nebulous ether
Resulting from sad memory of your sin

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  1. There is no need for Gerakan to have a huge swing.
    In chess, if you succeed in killing the opposing Queen, that is worth far more than any other material advantage.
    In Penang, BNajib is very close to killing the Queen.
    Whether the Queen' s guilt is real or not is almost immaterial.

    1. bullshit, ever heard of Queen sacrifice in chess?

    2. Bullshit, an opponent's Queen's sacrifice rarely works with experienced players , unless there is already no alternative e.g.the King is in check and there is no other countermeasure.

      A skilled player would already be on alert, calculating scenarios several moves ahead any time an opponent's Queen seems to be carelessly open to be taken.

      Chess 101 lah..

    3. wakakaka, the Chess Game of the Century (last Century that was) was a chess game played between 26-year-old Donald Byrne and 13-year-old Bobby Fischer in the Rosenwald Memorial Tournament in New York City on October 17, 1956, which Fischer won with a fantastic Queen sacrifice.

      If you haven;t played chess, don't bullshit, wakakaka

    4. Bullshit....I was playing chess when you were still wearing lamping....

    5. no doubt very badly, wakakaka

  2. Impossible means I'm possible!